Transportation Pays the Way for Ha Giang Development

4:52:47 PM | 21/5/2014

In its socio-economic development strategy, Ha Giang focused on the development of transportation, considering it the most important part of infrastructure structure. Transportation sector has always been one step ahead to meet requirements of economic development, paving the way for the development of Ha Giang.
To promote its role, the Department of Transport of Ha Giang has recently performed its consulting function to support the Provincial People's Committee implementing the function of State management in the field of construction, architecture, construction planning, urban infrastructure, industrial parks, processing zones, economic zones and hi-tech parks. The Department has asked for approval of the provincial People’s Committee for Transportation Planning of Ha Giang province in 2020 with the orientation to 2030.
In addition, the Department regularly directs road management units to prepare machinery, actively test routes, bridges and clear two roadsides, especially highland routes, remote areas or areas frequently having heavy rains or landslides, to ensure adequate visibility for vehicle operators. The Department also pays more attention to managing and regularly repairing highways, provincial roads, especially at landslide points, damages on road surface and road levelling. Besides, the Department actively sets up plan providing sufficient equipment, workforce and materials to handle promptly natural disasters or floods.

In 2014, the transportation industry of Ha Giang continues to perform the Government’s Resolution 11/NQ-CP and Resolution of the 15th Congress of the Provincial Party Committee. Sticking to plan in 2014, the Department strengthens State’s management in transportation, helping districts and cities gradually enhance management capacity in the field of transportation. The Department of Transportation of Ha Giang also coordinates with industries, local governments to organise training courses in transportation. Moreover, the Department ensures that investors well perform all tasks assigned in accordance with scheduled construction progress; closely coordinates with investors, design consultants, supervising consultants and contractors to deploy construction projects and timely handles problems rising during project implementation as well as during clearance compensation period; regularly maintains assigned routes to make sure that vehicles can transport smoothly and safely.

Loan Pham