Hai Duong Trade and Industry Sector Effectively Promoting Leading Roles in Economic Development

4:51:41 PM | 5/6/2014

Despite facing plenty of challenges, the industry and trade sector of Hai Duong province still manages to accelerate its leading role in promoting trade and bridging State management agencies with enterprises, enterprises with enterprises, and enterprises with consumers.
To perform its State management functions, in 2013, the industry and trade sector actively advised the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee to build and deploy plans to realise the Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress and the Resolution of the 15th Provincial Party Congress. By enhancing information dissemination, the sector timely informed citizens of Party’s lines and State policies and laws, provided favourable conditions to attract available resources for production development, and boosted scientific - technological application to the industry and trade sector. It also actively coordinated and supported businesses to expand markets and reduce inventories under the direction of the Central Government and the Provincial People's Committee. It also reformed industry-specific development planning, actively advised the Provincial People's Committee to build and introduce legal regulations to effectuate the State management in the province like trade cooperation investment support; industrial zone management, industrial explosive management, market management.
The sector also focused on stepping up administrative reform; creating favourable conditions for all economic sectors to do and develop business; optimising existing production capacities to develop clean, environment-friendly technologies; and ensuring sustainable development. The sector concentrated on developing domestic and international markets, meeting production requirements and serving citizens; multilateralising and diversifying relations with partners to quicken rapid export growth. It also implemented the central and local industrial encouragement projects to support local businesses to improve human resources quality and technologies. It also enhanced market management activities, protected legitimate interests of producers and consumers; and created a healthy, equitable competitive environment for enterprises
With the above synchronous solutions, the industry and trade sector achieved many accomplishments in industrial production, trade and services in 2013. Specifically, the index of industrial production (IIP) rose 8.1 per cent over 2012 (compared with 5.9 per cent of the country), of which extractive industry expanded 5.0 per cent; processing industry climbed 6.7 per cent; electricity, gas, water distribution, and air-conditioning sectors enlarged 13.7 per cent; and waste management and treatment sector augmented 10.9 per cent. Industrial production value reached VND72,201 billion (US$3.5 billion), up 9.7 per cent year on year. Some key industrial merchandise increased over 2012 like steel (up 81.3 per cent), automobile assembly (49.4 per cent), wires and cables (23.8 per cent), garment (15.3 per cent), and electricity production (14.1 per cent). In trade and service activities, retail revenue of goods and services totalled VND22,124 billion (over US$1 billion) in 2013, up 14.7 per cent year on year (higher than the country’s average growth of 12.6 per cent). Specifically, the State sector earned VND2,216 billion, up 44.1 per cent; the private sector raked in VND19,820 billion, up 12.1 per cent; and the foreign investment sector grasped VND88 billion, up 13.3 per cent. Total export and import turnover in 2013 grossed US$2.23 billion, up 32.1 per cent year on year and equal 119.9 per cent of the full-year plan.
In the new stage, the industry and trade sector of Hai Duong province will continue to promote its driving roles in economic development, advise the Provincial People's Committee to implement measures to remove market obstacles, open up capital flows, expand consumer markets, and reduce inventories. The sector will complete and submit plans on industrial and commercial development; build, issue and organise the regulatory mechanism for trade promotion programmes; encourage local people to use made-in-Vietnam goods; improve market information and forecast to better help businesses to anticipate market changes to have suitable, timely adjustments to production and business activities; and organise the Hai Duong Trade Promotion Programme in 2014.