Bac Giang City: New Look, New Stature

10:35:50 AM | 10/9/2014

In recent years, Bac Giang has made strong and continuous transformation that helps the province achieve new outcomes, contributing to its overall development. These achievements across all areas in the reform process have created momentum and are an important prerequisite for Bac Giang to continue to achieve better performance. This helps Bac Giang become a big city with strong potential for the future.
New look
Bac Giang City is a vital economic and geographic centre of Bac Giang province. The city is located on National Highway 1, connecting the triangles of Lang Son, Hanoi and Quang Ninh, which is known as a commodity trading hub in the province and the region. Bac Giang City has been known as one of the major centres of some industries like chemistry and garment, as well as distribution and transit centres of goods from China to the north, and is home to the domestic products exported to the Chinese market. 
With the advantages of geography and natural conditions, together with solidarity, diligence, dynamism, and creativity, in recent years, the City has promoted the internal resources, making use of the support of the authorities at all levels, and focusing all resources to build and develop the city to be the economic and political centre of the province and achieve significant results. Actually, Bac Giang is always the leading province in the process of construction; especially, after the completion of the administrative boundary expansion in 2010, the city has made great progress. The economic growth is high; the urban development is quick and the economic and technical infrastructure is completed. The cultural and social sector has been improved gradually and the quality of life has been raised.
Do Xuan Huan, Chairman of Bac Giang City People’s Committee, emphasised that the achievements in economic and social development of Bac Giang are evidence confirming the leading role of Bac Giang City during the development processes of Bac Giang. In 2014, the City is finalising the standards to be a second grade city. This is an important prerequisite to help the City build up its long-term urban plan in the future.
Currently, Bac Giang City is concentrating investment resources to restructure and develop urban areas. In terms of restructuring, the city is building up the development of green urban area projects and regulations on management of urban architecture, starting the embellishment of metropolitan areas, issuing the regulations on road boundary and streets, and managing the roadside.
For the urban development, the city has been focusing all resources for investment projects, key projects such as the renovation project to upgrade National Highway 1A, Xuong Giang roads, public cemeteries and urban centres in the south of the province, provincial highway 398, and Xuong Giang, which will contribute to the city. Bac Giang City is increasingly bustling and vibrant.
Mr Huan confided that with these results and directions for the future, the city will have a new look. Bac Giang City will have many positive changes. The city will become a modern, urban and green beautiful urban centre of the province and the region. From overview, Bac Giang will have pretty good infrastructure because of a technical and social infrastructure system that has been completed; the streets are well-constructed, spacious, clean and safe.
New momentum
On the basis of the potential and available advantages to create a breakthrough for economic development, the service and trade are considered as breakthrough to accelerate economy for strong and durable development. Accordingly, the city actively coordinates with other departments to promote investment and the performance of the industrial park, creating favourable conditions for business investment in the area. At the same time, the city is boosting investment in infrastructure to ensure better service for the development of commerce and service, strengthen training of human resources and timely meet the needs of economic development.
Besides, the city identifies the external force as an important role in economic development. In recent years, Bac Giang's authorities are attracting investment from different sources. Accordingly, the city is constantly reforming administrative procedures, creating favourable conditions for investors with a desire to promote the natural and geographical advantages to strengthen its position in the future.
In the coming years, Bac Giang will actively call the investors for investing in the area of 4 groups of commerce and services: residential areas and markets, agricultural products wholesale centre of agricultural products and auxiliaries, and tourist resorts. There are many priority investment projects in the area that have been approved by the province, such as the expanded project of industrial zones and clusters. Mr Huan stressed that Bac Giang is ready to welcome potential investors and is dedicated to the development of the city to invest in the potential advantages of Bac Giang. We are committed to creating the best conditions as well as incentives for more integrated support across many areas to bring long-term economic efficiency.
To ensure successful implementation of the tasks of economic and social development, the 20th provincial assembly has proposed the City continues to identify the services, trade, industry and construction as well as develop the current strength and potentials to accelerate the growth rate of the areas. The city is striving to achieve an average annual growth rate of approximately.
15 percent -17 percent, promoting and enhancing the quality of human resources, linking economic growth with poverty reduction, job creation, security and national defence, social order and safety, and economic development towards sustainable and environmentally friendly economy .
Ngo San