Quang Nam Construction Transportation JSC: Quality and Progress Make the Brand

10:16:19 AM | 27/11/2014

Always placing prestige, quality and progress on the top in any construction works, Quang Nam Construction Transportation Joint Stock Company has continuously asserted its position on the market and made significant contributions to local social and economic development.
Quang Nam Construction Transportation Joint Stock Company was set up from Quang Nam - Da Nang transport units founded before 1975 to serve the war. After peace was restored, the company was responsible for managing, repairing and constructing transportation projects to serve the local economic development. To have healthy finances, possess highly qualified human resources, have abundant resources, and have the trust of authorities and business partners as now, it is a long process of endeavouring to overcome difficulties and challenges, especially after going public in 2003 (fierce competition from local rivals, backward specialised equipment, and capital shortage for business operations). The company sought out ways to promote its internal strengths to pass through challenges and create rapid and sustainable growth. To strengthen its competitive advantage, the company continues to renovate technologies used in quarries, mixing plants, asphalting equipment and concrete paving equipment, purchase new road-building machines.
The company now has 6 factories and three construction works. General Director Nguyen Tuan Anh said “The company is trusted to administer and maintain five national roads and many provincial roads. To ensure smooth travel for people on the roads it is assigned to manage and operate, the company always timely responds to traffic incidents caused by flooding and other circumstances. In recent years, the company built many important roads like DT 616, DT 614, DT 611 and the path to Go Noi Bridge. Additionally, the company has a strong workforce, modern equipment and machinery, abundant quarries, and effective asphalt stations. Hence, it can undertake projects inside and outside the province, especially projects invested by foreign companies.”
Quang Nam Construction Transportation Joint Stock Company is also very active in their thanking and charitable activities. The company financially supported two heroic Vietnamese mothers, provided financial aids to Phuoc Xuan commune (Phuoc Son), built 35 charitable houses worth VND2.6 billion in the province. The firm also gives VND100 million a year to Duy Trung commune (Duy Xuyen district) - where its quarries and concrete mixing stations are located - to repair roads and build essential infrastructures. It also fulfils all statutory employment policies to ensure sufficient rights and interests of its employees. The company also regularly organises training courses on explosive, fire protection and work safety for its employees and sends young dynamic employees to attend university courses to enrich their professional and managerial knowledge and skills.
With its outstanding business achievements, the Party Committee of the Company was named “healthy and strong cell” from 2004 to 2013. It was awarded the First Class Labour Order in 2005 and the Third Class Independence Order in 2010. It was honoured for being qualified for the list of 500 fastest growing businesses in the country. It was also presented Flag of Emulation by the Provincial People's Committee from 2008 to 2010.
Kim Bang