Electricity of Hai Duong - 35 Years of Development

3:26:27 PM | 8/7/2005

Electricity of Hai Duong - 35 Years of Development

The Electricity Management and Distribution Department of Hai Hung Province was established on April 8, 1969 with the function of managing, operating and distributing electricity for the whole province. The State-run Hai Duong Electricity Company was an agency that is separated from Hai Hung Electricity Management and Distribution Department and is a unit of the Electricity Company I. 

The company is now employing 670 staffs, managing and operating over 1,000 km of electrical lines with five 110-kV power transformer stations, with a total capacity of 192,600 kVA. It is also operating 735 middle sub-transformer stations with total capacity of over 188,000 kVA. The electricity output running through the system is around 2.4 million kWh per day.

By October 2003, 215 communes in the province have followed new model of electricity management from the company. Hai Duong Electricity has invested dozens of billion of VND in constructing transformer stations and the grid and become the first one to apply the rural grid management model in Vietnam. The power source is always kept stable. Electricity price for farming households is always below VND700 per kW while power lost stays at around 6.15 per cent compared to the general average level of 8.63 per cent. In 2003, it poured VND2,402 billion in building nine transformer stations with a combined capacity of 650kV and 9.1km of 35kV-lines in mountainous communes of Bac An and Hoang Hoa Tham in Chi Linh District.

The company is joining in the planning and development of the grid to be suitable to the socio-economic context of Hai Duong province. It has effectively managed and used electrical infrastructure and capital source allotted from the the Electricity Company No.1. With great efforts over the past 30 years, the company has received many awards and medals from the State and Government.

With strategic investment and operation plan, Hai Duong Electricity is being one of the Electricity Company No.1's leading units, meeting the province's requirements electrical supply in the cause of industrialisation and modernisation.

  • Hoang Thiep