Mekong Housing Bank Opens Branch in Hai Duong

3:26:27 PM | 8/7/2005

Mekong Housing Bank Opens Branch in Hai Duong

The Mekong Delta House Investment and Development Bank officially inaugurated its branch on December 1, 2004 in Hai Duong City with the presence of the Governmental and local officials. The presence of the bank branch is seen to help add to the development of economy, especially in infrastructure, of this newly established city which is recording significant steps forward.

One of the Mekong Delta House Investment and Development Bank Hai Duong branch's objectives is to operate effectively under the State regulations. It targets to mobilise capital from all organisations and economic sectors, to expand services and networks in potentials districts and communes of the city, and at the same time, constantly improving the capacity of the staff. 


In the coming time, Hai Duong City will intensify cooperation with both local and foreign partners in upgrading its infrastructural system in a bid to ensure modernisation requirements. This, hence, requires a big absorbance of local and foreign money inflow. The establishment of the bank branch in Hai Duong also poses an opportunity for its development, proving to be a reliable financial entity of the Party and the State.


The Mekong Delta House Investment and Development Bank was set up on September 18, 1997 under Prime Minister's Decision 769/TTg. The establishment of the bank is aimed at realising long-term targets of the Party and Government in the country's cause of modernisation and stabilisation of the public's life. Specifically, the bank joins in the arrangement and restoration of tenements, and planning and construction of new urban areas.

Despite being established later than other State-run commercial banks and with poor infrastructure and facilities, the bank has gained remarkable movement just after a certain period of performance thanks to its proper policy in promoting the staff's creativity and sense of responsibility. The bank now has over 80 branches and transaction spots in 30 provinces and cities nationwide.

  • Hoang Thiep