Inimexco Hai Duong - New Opportunities Ahead

3:26:27 PM | 8/7/2005

Inimexco Hai Duong - New Opportunities Ahead


The Hai Duong Import Export Joint Stock Company (Inimexco Hai Duong) has made significant contributions to the development of foodstuff and agro production and trading sector of Hai Duong City as well as of the country in recent year.


Established in 1960 and with fifty-year experience in agro production and processing, Inimexco Hai Duong's products are proved to be of high and stable quality, meeting requirements for export and gaining certain prestige in the market. The company is planning to invest in renovating technology, setting up material zones, and expanding the production scale to seize larger local and foreign market shares. Its major products are dried chilly powder, pickled chilly, ginger, saffron, garlic, litchi, longan, water melon, vegetables and other fruits, supply of workforce, equipment and materials.


Entering the 21st century, Inimexco Hai Duong has been changed into a joint stock company in which the State holds over 70 per cent of registered capital while the rest belongs to the company's shareholders. The changing has opened new opportunities for the export of agro products as well as for the diversification of business lines.


Regarding the supply of workforce, Inimexco Hai Duong has advantages on the source and the quality of laborers, ensuring the benefit of the clients thanks to a wide but strict recruitment system. The company has many experiences in the consultancy and supply of labor force for working abroad.


Based on its achievements in agro production, material and machinery import and labor supply, Inimexco Hai Duong continues to improve the product and service quality, meeting requirements of both domestic and international markets.

  • Hoang Thiep