Nam Cuong Company: Brings New Face-Lift to Hai Duong City

3:26:27 PM | 8/7/2005

Nam Cuong Company: Brings New Face-Lift to Hai Duong City


Nam Cuong trade & tourism company has built an urban area and trade-tourism-culture centre in Hai Duong city with a total area of 511 ha. The company independently invested some VND2,000 billion and developed the best infrastructure in the Northern delta.


Applying the policy of using land resources as capital to develop infrastructure, on January 30, 2002, Hai Duong People's Committee approved the building of the urban area and trade-tourism-culture centre, to the East and West of the city.


On the West side, the urban area is built on 433 ha. The project started in 2003 and will be completed by 2006. According to the plan, 30.25 per cent of the area will be for development of trade, service and culture projects, 2.94 per cent for public utilities, 14.57 per cent for green parkland, 23.93 per cent for roads and 28.31 per cent for housing development. On the East side, the urban area has 15 blocks with over 78 ha of which 40.98 per cent is for housing development, 6.17 per cent for public utilities, 11.37 per cent for park land, 30.64 per cent for roads, 9.52 per cent for a security corridor.


Nam Cuong Company will build two main road networks 39.33 ha in the West and 4.44 in the East. In return, the company will receive 40 per cent of the area for business development under the planning of the city. Mr. Tran Van Cuong, Chairman and Director General of Nam Cuong said that his company decided to invest in Hai Duong because its location is most favourable for economic development and in particular, the city has recently applied a policy and other mechanisms attractive to investment.


The company will not only invest in 43.77 ha of main roads but also inner roads, power and water supply, park land and drainage. Furthermore, the company will invest US$15 million in a 25-storey building, a 5-star hotel and an office and apartment building on the West side. The buildings will give the city a new look. The company will also build the Hai Duong Plaza, high-class villas and a large square costing some VND20 billion on 13 ha. A recreation centre will be built on 45 ha in the West side with an investment of US$100 million. Together with other projects of eco-tourism and Chi Linh golf course, the recreation centre will attract visitors from neighbouring provinces.


Nam Cuong is calling local and foreign investors to participate and contribute professional skills and expertise in the management of the projects. The projects are under construction day and night to be completed by 2006.