Lao Cai Urban Environment Company: For a Green, Clean and Beautiful City

10:01:37 PM | 30/9/2015

When a newly established province, Lao Cai had limited urban green space, but now it has developed wide systems of trees, parks, gardens and lighting. These systems have been developed and operated by Lao Cai Urban Environment One Member Limited Liability Company, which was established in November 1993.
The company is marked by not only steady growth, diversified business, life assurance for employees, but also its every effort to build and protect Lao Cai environment in order to make it a brighter, cleaner, greener and nicer city.
In the past few years, the company has gathered resources, promoted its advantages and overcome difficulties. In addition, it regularly supervises the process and evaluates the outcomes of the implementing as well. Lao Cai Urban Environment often promotes emulation movements among its units, enhances the employees’ knowledge during the manufacturing process so that they can perform given mission nicely. Furthermore, to be in concord with economy's developed trend and career conversion in line with province's economic structure, the company has been actively seeking economic partnership, expanding its production and business activities in order to ensure employment and income for the employees. At the same time, it focuses on improving specialised equipment in environmental hygiene as pressed or junk vehicles, electric elevator cars. The company also attaches importance to purchasing office equipment in synchronization, and improving staff quality.
Lao Cai Urban Environment Company focuses on not only advancing technology and equipment, but also workers' lives. Director Pham Van Tan asserted that the company would seriously implement policy and mechanism to employees in accordance with the law. It always fulfils its duty of taking care of workers' physical and mental life. The current number of company employees is 570. Bonuses and other remunerations are based on real capacity and productivity of each individual. Other benefits such as health, social, unemployment insurance, periodic medical examination, etc are fully implemented. Moreover, due to the characteristics of the profession in which workers are often exposed to environmental pollution, garbage, street dust, labour safety has always received due attention. Work safety and occupational health have always been given top priority. The company is always concerned about improving the working environment, equipments, instruments, labour safety. It has also established units to regularly check on labour safety and opened professional training on safety, labour hygiene, etc.
Currently, Lao Cai is in the process of construction, urbanisation in order to develop infrastructure in synchronisation. It will definitely affect the living environment in residential areas. In the coming time, Lao Cai Urban Environment Company will continue to perform its duty of ensuring environmental hygiene and street's beauty in Lao Cai city, Sa Pa town, Bac Ha and Bat Xat town. Finally, the company is making effort to disseminate knowledge to raise awareness of people in keeping environmental hygiene, civilized lifestyle in urban area.
Nguyet Tham