Nghe An Food and Agricultural Supplies JSC: “People are the decisive factor to corporate sustainability”

2:02:40 PM | 7/11/2016

“People are the decisive factor to corporate sustainability,” said Mr Truong Van Hung, Director of Nghe An Food and Agricultural Supplies Joint Stock Company, in a meeting with reporters of Vietnam Business Forum Magazine on building corporate sustainability. Vu Thuy reports.
Sustainable development is a factor that any company wants to achieve but it is quite hard against the backdrop of current fierce competition. What must the company do to attain sustainable development?
Vietnam's economy is facing a strong challenge and an increasingly fierce competition when we welcome a new investment wave from foreign companies. Therefore, a company that wants to achieve long-term sustainability and ensure social and environmental objectives needs a lot of factors. But, in my opinion, personnel is a critical element.
Human is a driving force, a resource and a target of all development. A company’s development strategy must cover human resource development. That is our core business value. An appropriate strategy will facilitate the liberation of labour, including manual labour and intellectual labour. Full exploitation of human resources does not ensure success but rational exploitation in combination with welfare policies for employees is the case. Good human resources management not only have short-term effects on increasing labour productivity but also produce long-term effects, such as creating a creative medium for employees, develop initiatives, and fostering employer - employee relations.
What actions has Nghe An Food and Agricultural Supplies Joint Stock Company taken to achieve sustainability and stable development?
As an agricultural company, Nghe An Food and Agricultural Supplies Joint Stock Company has deployed a lot of activities to strengthen sustainability and stable development. The company has promoted sustainable agricultural development by researching and introducing high-quality products like fertilisers for each type of soil and each crop in order to not ruin farmland in the future, increase productivity and resist pests and diseases without having to spray pesticides and toxic chemicals. Therefore, the brand and image of the company are always welcomed and trusted.
Besides, it is the first company in the northern central region to successfully implement a closed production model, starting from seeding to fertiliser supply and finally product consumption. After the company was established and operated, the clearest impact is better livelihoods and employment of local people. Currently, the company has over 150 full-time employees and more than 50 part-time workers. Welfare funds for employees increase year after year. Employees are ensured of regulatory benefits such as health checks, safety training and vacation.
Besides, the company has high rewards for technical and technological inventions and innovations to increase productivity and cut fuel consumption. This creates a permanent bond between the company and employees and shapes sustainable development.
In addition, Nghe An Food and Agricultural Supplies Joint Stock Company has actively taken part in social work. Every year, it gives VND1 billion to the poor, flood victims and poor students.
In addition to economic, environmental and social criteria, labour and human rights are important indicators of the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) in every business. Known as an active company with CSR activities and initiatives launched to improve livelihoods and environments where the company is present, could you please introduce some typical programmes and initiatives?
In the light of the business principle “Side by side with farmers”, Nghe An Food and Agricultural Supplies Joint Stock Company is taking the lead in allowing deferred payments to fertilisers and seedlings for farmers. This not only gives funds for farming of farmers but more importantly it is like a commitment to the quality of products that the company is supplying.
The company also focuses on technological investment and equipment upgrading to reduce harmful factors to human health. For example, in 2015, the company installed heat-proof stainless steel roofs for its factories, noise-cancelling equipment, and fuel-efficient equipment to reduce waste in production and increase labour productivity.
Does the company have any objective or plan to affirm and uphold its sustainability in the coming time?
In the coming time, Nghe An Food and Agricultural Supplies Joint Stock Company will further strive to be a leading company in Nghe An province in particular and in the northern central region in general in terms of contributions to the State budget, to the society and to the community. The company will expand its scale and raise product quality. In the near future, it will make inroads into southern provinces after completing researches on fertilisers for these markets. Due to climate change, agricultural land tends to shrink gradually. Therefore, the company must study on soil-recovering fertilisers.
The company will further integrate sustainable development strategies with business strategies. Previously, its development strategies were only engaged in social activities rather than in a clear system. In the future, the company will focus resources on integrating this strategy with the business strategy to take stronger strides.