VNPT Lam Dong Affirming Mainstream Role in Telecom-Information Technology Industry

3:46:42 PM | 24/5/2017

Officially going into operation on January 1, 2008, from the separation from Lam Dong Post Office, VNPT Lam Dong has always affirmed its leading position in supplying telecommunications and information technology services in Lam Dong province; ensured the uninterrupted information and communication of local authorities; ensured national security and defence; and contributed positively to local social, economic and cultural development.

To uphold its leading role in telecom-information technology industry in the province, for nearly one decade, VNPT Lam Dong has focused on developing technical infrastructure for mobile networks, enhancing optical transmission network capacity, upgrading the capacity to serve socio-economic development requirements, and speeding up technical support for customers. With its pioneering spirit and intensive investment policy, VNPT Lam Dong now has a modern synchronised infrastructure system; a full optical transmission network coverage enough to provide diverse and useful modern telecom-information technology services for customers. Currently, VNPT Lam Dong's network has expanded to all communes and wards, and met telephone and internet connection demands of people all over the province, even in remote communes, with the most modern technology. Bronze-core internet cables were replaced with fibre-optic ones to every subscriber. 4G mobile network has been also deployed in the whole province.

According to a comprehensive cooperation agreement signed between the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and the Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee on telecom-information technology development, VNPT Lam Dong was authorised by VNPT Group to execute the cooperation agreement towards the goal of building e-government in Lam Dong province. Up to now, VNPT Lam Dong has implemented some items such as IT infrastructure for central administration areas, video conferencing, inter-departmental software, electronic office, health and education, and especially started to build Da Lat Smart City. In addition, VNPT Lam Dong has put a premium on network investment to meet demands in industrial zones and tourism zones. To date, all industrial zones and tourism zones have network services providers. In remote areas, VNPT Lam Dong is one of the best performers of the Government-backed Public Utility Telecommunications Programme in the province.

To meet rapidly growing socio-economic needs of the province, VNPT Lam Dong advocates taking shortcut approaches, taking the lead in building the most modern networks, and maintaining core roles in telecom-information technology services delivery in Lam Dong province. Mr Tran Thanh Nam, Director of VNPT Lam Dong said that, in order to carry out assigned tasks, human resources are always the top priority of the company. Every year, VNPT Lam Dong has capacity building training programmes; recruits and attracting highly qualified talent, while strengthening cooperation with universities in human resources development for it. “As the director of VNPT Lam Dong, I pledge to provide the full spectrum of telecom services and infrastructure needed for effective operations of local enterprises. It is entirely within the capacity of VNPT Lam Dong,” he added.

Hoang Lam