HANOI TEX 2017 Opens in Hanoi

2:21:44 PM | 6/11/2017

The Vietnam Hanoi Textile & Garment Industry Expo 2017 (HANOI TEX 2017) took place at the I.C.E International Exhibition Centre, Viet Xo Friendship Palace, Hanoi on November 1, 2017.

HANOI TEX 2017 displayed and introduced fabric prints, dyes, hi-tech fabrics, micro-fibre material, yarn, silk, bamboo fibres, jute yarns, non-woven knitwear and cotton cloths.

The exhibition also introduced cutting edge automation equipment, sewing machines, embroiders, dyeing equipment, dyeing chemicals, and a variety of accessories.

The show attracted nearly 200 businesses from 15 countries and territories namely China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam to showcase on a total space of 6,000 square metres.

HANOI TEX 2017 helped textile and garment firms grasp information and opportunities to access latest technologies, equipment and accessories.

Thu Ha