Sacombank An Giang Constantly Building Trust among Customers

3:32:16 PM | 21/11/2017

Since its inception, Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank –An Giang Branch (Sacombank An Giang) has always strived to stand apart other banks in the area and managed to earn the trust of customers by its quality products, services and enthusiastic and professional employees. Each staff member of Sacombank An Giang has been constantly trying to create value to build trust from customers; always accompanying enterprises and businesspeople in the province and moving up with the cause of industrialisation and modernisation of the province.

Over the past 25 years of establishment and development, Sacombank has currently become one of the top five private joint stock banks in Vietnam in terms of capital, network and human resources. In An Giang, Sacombank has quickly made a strong impression by its dedicated and professional manner; modern products, utilities; quick and succinct processing of leading procedures, timely meeting the capital needs of customers. As a result, Sacombank An Giang has passed through the period of market volatility and competition of the commercial banks in the area; always mobilised capital effectively, actively allocated the loans to the economy, gaining the belief of the provincial leaders and many customers. After more than 12 years of operation in An Giang, Sacombank has affirmed its position with a network covering 13 districts and towns; providing modern banking services and utilities to 140,000 corporate and individual customers in the province. This is one of the impressive figures that nearly 500 professional, enthusiastic and energetic staffs of Sacombank An Giang have made great efforts during the past time.

Moving towards the goal of becoming a bank with the best style and quality of customer services, Mr Luu Van Hon, Director of Sacombank An Giang, shared: "Throughout its formation and development, Sacombank has always pursued the guidelines "Customers are satisfied, Sacombank is successful," so we are always interested in standing aprt by our quick, professional, dedicated customer care and services because the customers play an important factor in creating value for the bank. That is why the office, people, working environment of Sacombank An Giang is always invested to build customer trust of long term attachment. The social activities are also of interest to contribute to making Sacombank An Giang brand in particular, Sacombank in general more friendly with the community.”

Pride and competitive strength of Sacombank An Giang is its staff who are professional, dynamic, creative and dedicated to their work. With the belief "Man is the most important asset of an organisation but it is not owned by the organisation." "Coming together is a beginning, keeping each other is progress, working together is the success”, Sacombank An Giang always attaches great importance to human resources development, building and connecting three generations of employees, including the pioneering generation (pioneers in building relationships with traditional customers in the local, so they are rich in experience to share for next generations), the developing generation (a nucleus of connecting three generations, be ready for training and development orientation for future generations) and the future generation (those who are full of youth, health, and are equipped with new knowledge to improve their performance); in which, the future generation is an important generation which will create a solid foundation for the stable development of Sacombank An Giang in the future. The Branch is also interested in localising and promoting the hidden strength of each employee, striving to achieve the target of all the employees being local so that they peacefully contribute to the development of Sacombank in particular and the provincial finance in general.

"Responding to An Giang’s policy of economic development and policy of calling for investment, Sacombank An Giang has been and will continue promoting the dynamism and sensitivity of a professional bank, always adapted to the ever-changing environment. In addition, the Branch will also set up preferential policies to cooperate and develop production and business with enterprises in the province, to lend a hand to construct An Giang to be a beautiful and civilised province,” added Mr Hon.

Duy Anh