Binh Duong Smart City - Premise for Knowledge Economy

3:28:18 PM | 10/7/2018

In 2015, Binh Duong province and Becamex Corporation twinned with Eindhoven City and Brainport Company to jointly research and deploy the Binh Duong Smart City project with the aim of achieving socioeconomic breakthroughs, creating the basic foundation for high-tech service and production, planning smart city development and laying the groundwork for the knowledge economy.

Speaking at the Binh Duong Smart City Conference 2017, Mr Tran Thanh Liem, Chairman of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee, said that Binh Duong province does not approach the smart city as many other localities have done: Simply applying advanced technologies to solve some issues such as traffic management and e-government, but the province aims to gather various domestic and external resources to target new values of regional and global economies in the 21st century where human beings and knowledge are central. “For Binh Duong, the smart city is defined as a dynamic, creative and connected ecosystem where all elements are continually being improved, constantly innovated and optimized,” he said.

Mr Liem added that general objectives and orientations of the project were compiled and represented in Binh Duong Navigator Document Set by leaders and experts of Eindhoven, Brainport, Binh Duong and Becamex Corporation. The Binh Duong Navigator - Binh Duong socioeconomic breakthrough programme to 2021, with a vision to 2030 - was approved by the Provincial People’s Committee on November 21, 2016. It figured out common perspectives, identified development orientations, assigned and undertook specific action plans for construction of Binh Duong as an important element of the Southern Key Economic Zone towards a world-class smart city. The Binh Duong Navigator is developed over time and is updated regularly, including 46 specific actions in 14 programmes divided into four categories: People, technology, business and underlying elements.

People: People are placed at the heart of the project, with the main contents being the workforce capable of working and teaming, equipped with educational skills, skills and workmanship.

Technology: Technological projects are aimed at enhancing and attracting research, development and encouragement of innovation, cooperation and knowledge transfer, interconnecting new technologies with key sectors and social life, enabling new technologies to be piloted in real life environments (Living Lab) on the one hand and supporting research and improving people's lives on the other.

Business: Fostering existing businesses and building new businesses is a key objective of the action programme in this field. Binh Duong now has a huge advantage of large-scale production companies in operation in industrial parks. The province is speeding up the construction of business database and information portals of regional supply chains and developing supporting industries, Science and Technology Industrial Park and business incubators adapted to international models. In the future, Binh Duong is determined to be an innovative business startup ecosystem and a supply chain network comprised of strong, capable and integrating suppliers. The province is ready to attract foreign high-tech investors.

Underlying elements: Binh Duong province focuses on prerequisites for developing a powerful area, for example, a good infrastructure, a reputable brand, a favourable business environment, a comfortable and attractive living environment, dynamic cultural, sport and entertainment centres and broadband information technology. Binh Duong pays particular attention to developing intra-provincial and inter-provincial strategic transport infrastructure, dry docks, broadband information and communication infrastructure, and stable energy to meet modern production needs. The province is aiming for an international image of a well-reputed good workplace and a smart city with an exciting, dynamic and creative environment.

Geographically, Binh Duong province planned an area called Binh Duong Intelligent Community where about 1 million people can live and work, with residences, research and education facilities and key industries, Liem said. “With the active support of Eindhoven, Binh Duong Intelligent Community is being developed with international standards recommended by criteria of the World Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) with the aim of becoming a member of this community by 2021, thus expanding its cooperation with a network of more than 160 intelligent and prosperous communities and mixing with the world’s new development trends,” he said.
According to the Binh Duong Smart City project, the nucleus of the Intelligent Community is new Binh Duong City, the centre of the province. With a modern international infrastructure plan, the new city plays a central role in linking the whole province and becomes a prime example of a new development strategy, a Living Lab that applies innovations first to expand applications into the Intelligent Community and spreading to the whole province of Binh Duong and to the region.