VNPT Quang Nam: By the Side of Local Development

5:45:24 PM | 18/7/2018

VNPT Quang Nam started official operation on January 1, 2008, upon the separation of former Quang Nam Post into the VNPT Quang Nam and Quang Nam Post. During 10 years of development, VNPT Quang Nam has constantly grown to actively contribute not only to overall achievements of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT Group), but also to socio-economic development, industrialisation and modernisation of Quang Nam province.

Driven by restructuring
Since its inception, in all circumstances, VNPT Quang Nam has steadily moved forward to depict the portrait of a leading light of VNPT Group and Quang Nam province.

VNPT Quang Nam Director Tran Doan Duc said, as a major telecom and information technology enterprise in the province, VNPT Quang Nam has ultimately supported local information technology development by signing cooperation agreements with the Provincial People’s Committee and its provincial departments and branches on delivery of telecom and information technology services, especially e-government and video conferencing systems. It has supported and deployed management software VNEdu for local schools, assisted the Social Security Agency to deploy its services, helped tax offices to launch online tax declaration, and enabled hospitals to apply VNPT HIS management software. In addition, VNPT Quang Nam has been working on planning and developing telecommunication infrastructure, delivering optical cables to every customer’s home to improve network quality and service quality. The mobile information system is continuously expanded and planned in time to enlarge the coverage, even to the vast sea, and remove black spots where service is inaccessible. With its efforts, the network quality of VNPT Quang Nam has been significantly raised; the communication signal loss at BTS/NodeB stations has been addressed to raise the workability of BTS/NodeB stations to over 99.8 per cent).

Working hard to bring good life and utility for every family
With its innovative thinking and responsible, daring actions together with the unity and effort of all employees, VNPT Quang Nam has overcome all difficulties and challenges, gradually stabilised operations and reaped better-than-expected achievements. Its telecom and information technology revenue in 2017 rose 307 per cent over that in 2008. An average monthly income of an employee climbed from VND3.58 million in 2008 to VND17.1 million in 2017, a growth of 477 per cent. In 2017, VNPT Quang Nam was ranked second in VNPT Group in terms of the speed and size of telecom and information technology revenue. The unit has always excellently accomplished all political tasks assigned, thus contributing significantly to provincial economic development and maintaining its role as a key player in the telecom and information technology industry in Quang Nam province.

In 2017, VNPT Quang Nam spent more than VND1.7 billion on social security. Notably, the unit pledged lifelong support for nine Vietnamese heroic mothers (VND1 million per month each), built houses of gratitude for six Vietnamese heroic mothers, three houses for employees living in hardship, worked with charity agencies to offer “free meals” to poor patients and families across the province, and raised funds for flood-hit victims. “VNPT wishes to bring a better life and more convenience to every family. In addition to providing and deploying high-class telecom and information technology services based on delivering customer’ needs in a way that is better, easier and more comfortable. Our mission is doing anything to bring joy, happiness and laughter to everyone, every family,” Director Duc said.

In order to further promote its leading role, VNPT Quang Nam will strive to achieve or even exceed its revenue growth target by at least 5 per cent. In 2018, it expects its revenue to grow least 10 per cent against 2017, tax payment to rise by more than 5 per cent, and the payroll by at least 10 per cent. VNPT Quang Nam will also focus on business and market development; carry out highly competitive promotion programmes tailored for different target customers; implement business solutions; and focus on key services such as mobile, broadband and IT services.

Cong Luan