Bao Hung Building Materials JSC Renovates Technology, Raising Labor Productivity

11:30:10 AM | 14/8/2019

After more than 10 years of development, Bao Hung Building Materials Joint Stock Company has affirmed its brand and professional image in the construction materials industry. Not only focusing on renovating production technology and enhancing product quality, the company has also paid due attention to its employees.

Founded in April 2009, Bao Hung Building Materials Joint Stock Company is headquartered in Dong Quyt village, Bao Hung commune, Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province. Since its inception, the company has obtained certain achievements. Particularly, the core hole brick factory - a continuous vertical kiln of cold-heat technology transferred by the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (VSBK), enabling the company to double its product output to meet consumer demand in Yen Bai and some neighboring communes such as Huong Ninh and Phu Xuyen. Upgraded from a small facility established many years ago, Bao Hung Building Materials Joint Stock Company quickly joined the market with many new products. Boldly investing in factory upgrading and new technologies for better product quality and building up its prestige and trust with the most fastidious customers are part of the company’s success story.

In addition to technological renovation, human factor is also of the company’s great concerns. Bao Hung Building Materials Joint Stock Company understands that taking care of employees is a practical activity helping employees feel secure and stay with the company for a long time, thus making the company grow sustainably. In the past years, the company's Trade Union has constantly promoted creativity, proactively recommended and coordinated with the Board of Directors to improve employees’ livelihoods. With its specific actions like upgrading machinery and technical systems; upgrading kiln technology; treating dust and smoke; upgrading forklifts, excavators, dryers and material storage systems; upgrading brick and tile production areas to ensure better health for workers; reducing manual work, improving work environment, raising productivity and product quality and increasing employee incomes, the company always pays attention to ensuring occupational safety and hygiene for employees such as providing personal protective equipment for them. Moreover, employees are provided with full social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance as the company believes that this policy will strengthen their loyalty and dedication. For that reason, Bao Hung Building Materials Joint Stock Company is trusted and chosen by local people when they seek employment. Currently, employees are paid an average VND5 million a month.

Bao Hung Building Materials Joint Stock Company is known for superior quality products, competitive price and professional and dedicated service.

As a young but potential enterprise, Bao Hung Building Materials Joint Stock Company is expected to make outstanding development. However, in order to contribute more to society, the company also needs help from local authorities to have quick administrative procedures, provide flexible business guides, and create the best conditions for business development.

In a fast-growing locality driven by speedy industrialization and modernization, Bao Hung Building Materials Joint Stock Company has more opportunity to play a significant role in social and economic development of Yen Bai province. In fact, technological innovation not only creates many good products for society, affirms business position and increases profitability, but also increases incomes and improves worker life.