Vietcombank Tay Ninh Supporting Local Economic Growth

10:45:43 AM | 4/12/2019

The Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade Vietnam (Vietcombank) set up a branch in Tay Ninh province in 2009. In over 10 years of development, Vietcombank Tay Ninh has increasingly affirmed its position.

Efforts to help the local economy

Since its inception, Vietcombank Tay Ninh has quickly grasped the available advantages and closely followed the province's key economic development goals, focusing on credit growth for the business sectors which are encouraged by the Government and suitable to the economic characteristics of the province. The branch has strengthened its human resources to develop the segment of SME customers with priority given to emerging economic sectors and many local development potential fields such as processing industry, high-tech agriculture, tourism and trade. It has designed a variety of products to serve the growing key projects of large corporations and enterprises investing in the province.

Vietcombank Tay Ninh has achieved comprehensive development, becoming one of the major commercial banks, playing a key role in the commercial banking system and holding a key position in the area's economy. This achievement is attributed to the attention and enthusiastic support of leaders at all levels and the support of local authorities. In return, Vietcombank Tay Ninh is always ready to support the development of the province, focusing on loans to road and bridge construction projects, transport works, infrastructure development, housing for low-income people, and pilot production programs. It has shortened processing time to facilitate customers, comprehensively improved the system of mechanisms and policies to support projects and contribute to promoting local economic development.

Building strong corporate culture

One of the issues that the Party and provincial authorities are most interested in is the development of education, health care and infrastructure especially in border areas and rural and agricultural districts. Mr. Vo Van Su, Director of Vietcombank Tay Ninh, said that grasping this policy, since 2009, the branch has actively proposed, advised Vietcombank leaders and mobilized all employees to contribute funding for social security programs and activities in the province such as building bridges and roads, schools in the province; building houses for poor and near-poor households; and sponsoring scholarships supporting poor and studious students.

The branch has always well implemented policies for employees, ensuring that they are entitled to salaries based on their labor value. It grants bonuses for high-performing workers who have contributed effectively to the business results of the branch and implements welfare regimes for employees to promote their intelligence and capacity.

In addition to the salary mechanism, Vietcombank Tay Ninh also applies special remuneration policies for good workers through bonuses. Workers are entitled to other welfare regimes such as annual health check-ups; going on vacation; getting benefits when laborers are sick, when families have filial piety, funerals, bereavement.

Vietcombank Tay Ninh has also paid due attention to building a professional, modern and safe working environment; having mechanisms for training and retraining to improve professional qualifications; developing good morality and lifestyle to build, foster and beautify Vietcombank Tay Ninh culture in the eyes of customers and the community.

Cong Luan