MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park - Leading Light in Investment Attraction

11:49:04 AM | 11/12/2019

Moving in tune with the vibrant development of the national economy, Hai Phong City has reaped remarkable success and become a leading light in the Northern Key Economic Region. This success is considerably contributed by large-scale, motivational and influential projects like MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park invested by Minh Phuong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company.

Strong magnet for investors

Starting the project in October 2012 amidst the global economic downturn, with the pride of a private business trusted by the city, Minh Phuong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company was determined to turn a coastal wetland into a modern industrial zone. With the maximum support of suppliers and construction contractors, the company made every effort to address hardships to hand over the land and infrastructure to investors on schedule. After only four years, MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park topped its peers in the city with nearly 100% of the area leased by more than 40 secondary investors. The tenants registered to invest nearly VND5,000 billion in such fields as logistics, warehousing, industry and services. Up to 37 projects are involved in logistics and warehousing, with big players including Saigon Newport Corporation, Gemadept, Him Lam, SITC Dinh Vu and Sao A.

According to experts, MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park is strongly attractive to investors for the following factors:

The first is its prime location, Hai Phong has long been a port city, situated at the heart of the Northern Coast, an important transport hub and a major gateway to the sea for northern provinces, and a growth engine of maritime development. The city plays an important role in both economic and national defense and security and facilitates exchange with other localities in the country and in the world. Over a century of construction and development, by constantly upholding revolutionary traditions, dynamism and creativity, Hai Phong has now become an industrial city and a first-class city of the nation, a growth pole of the Northern Key Economic Region and a strategic position of the “two corridors, one economic belt” of Vietnam and China. Hai Phong City is defined as an entrance and a departure of sea routes to the world from Vietnam.

Secondly, the modern synchronous infrastructure of MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park is planned, built and zoned to each customer, enabling them to launch production and business at their ease. So far, the synchronous technical infrastructure system in the park has basically been completed with power supply system, water supply system, communication system, wastewater treatment plant, internal roads, external roads, hard ground and an average altitude of 50 meters above sea level.

Thirdly, MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park has competitive rentals, service charges and flexible and attractive preferential policies. It can always meet the various needs of investors seeking to start their projects immediately.

Minh Phuong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company transformed a coastal wetland into a bustling industrial park with 40 tenants which create many jobs for locals and pay a handsome sum of taxes to the State Budget.

As an industrial park combined with seaport services, MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park has fully planned specifically purposed areas such as warehousing, logistics, customs services, post office and working office area for the short-term and long-term needs of investors, as well as partners.

After the success of MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park, Minh Phuong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company will continue to ask Hai Phong City for construction of more industrial parks in the coming time. With its experience with MP Dinh Vu, the company will surely have modern, green industrial parks and attract qualified investors. The development of Minh Phuong will significantly help Hai Phong City grow robustly as the city’s development goal set in the Politburo’s Resolution on the city development to 2030 and further to 2045.