Projects That Change the Face of Vinh Phuc Tourism

11:16:46 AM | 31/1/2020

In recent years, Vinh Phuc tourism has seen really transformational changes because of new tourism projects. Typical projects invested by Lac Hong Investment Joint Stock Company included Tay Thien Cable Car, projects in Tam Dao, Ha Tien Pagoda Urban Area in Vinh Yen City.

Lifting the brand name with big projects

Lac Hong Investment Joint Stock Company is now the most well-known name to Tam Dao people as well as tourists visiting Vinh Phuc province because it has invested a lot in super tourism and service development projects in Vinh Phuc province in general and Tam Dao district in particular like Tay Thien cable car system at Tay Thien Special National Monument, Tam Dao Castle Hotel, Venus Hotel Tam Dao, Tam Dao Culinary Area and Tam Dao Square Park.

The prime example is Venus Hotel Tam Dao. This over VND400 billion project, which went into operation from May 2019, has 198 rooms. Each space is meticulously cared for, built with sophistication and harmony with utilities such as Venus Restaurant, Korean Hotpot Restaurant, conference area, four-season swimming pools, spa & massage, fitness center, karaoke and playground for children. The hotel is an ideal experience for any tourist visiting the misty town of Tam Dao. Rock Café, Quan Gio and other places have been becoming check-in points for many tourists when they come to Tam Dao.

Furthermore, right from the road below leading to Tam Dao, visitors can see a castle located on the top of the mountain. The landscape scenery looks like castles in Europe. The castle was built on the foundation of the former palace of Indochinese Governor General. It was designed extremely elaborately and carefully. Outside Tamdao Castle is featured a quite luxurious design like foreign villas. Darkened wooden walls, pointed roofs covered with Ardoise stone and soaring towers loomed in the mist impress all visitors here. Inside the castle is Roman warrior statues, Greek gods such as Venus, Cupid and Mars. All are made from monolithic marble with classic and extremely vivid shape.

Previously, Tay Thien Cable Car Project, completed and put into service after eight months of construction in February 2012, illustrated the company’s investment foresight. The cable car system is measured 2,500 meters in length and has two stations: Cau Temple and Quoc Mau Temple. It has 60 cabins, capable of serving 2,500 customers an hour. The total investment capital for this project is nearly VND400 billion.

Together with other investors, Lac Hong Investment Joint Stock Company’s effective projects helped meet sightseeing and recreational needs of tourists coming to Vinh Phuc province.

“Growing together - Keeping total faith”

Vinh Phuc is one of the biggest recipients of investment capital in the country. All levels, sectors and localities have introduced various incentives for businesses and investors. Many local businesses have made strong growth in position, brand and reputation in the market.

Vinh Phuc province considers Lac Hong Investment Joint Stock Company one of strategic investors. The province has continuously spared no effort to improve the investment environment and provide a healthy and enabling competitive environment for businesses. Moreover, site clearance, administrative procedures are also facilitated quickly by the province.

As one of the most committed and enthusiastic investors in Vinh Phuc, in the past years, vacation property projects invested by Lac Hong Investment Joint Stock Company are effectively helping change the look and add to the appeal of tourism and services in Tam Dao district in particular and Vinh Phuc province in general. With modern facilities, multiple utilities, professional, enthusiastic and hospitable employees, its big modern restaurants and hotels are motivational for tourism development in Tam Dao.

Besides, in the light of sustainable socioeconomic development policy that links corporate interests with community benefits, its projects have also helped facilitate economic restructuring and created more jobs for local workers. Many families earn significant money each month. Its projects have also contributed to sustainable tourism development.

In the coming time, with the working principle of “Growing together - Keep total faith", Lac Hong Investment Joint Stock Company will always strive to overcome all challenges to affirm its prestige, brand and partnership to investors and customers, gradually assert its brand and position in the vacation property market, and develop the tourism industry of Vinh Phuc province in particular and Vietnam as a whole.