Hoa Binh Clear Water JSC Meeting Public Needs for Clean Water

11:09:44 AM | 3/3/2020

As a mainstay water supplier in Hoa Binh province, Hoa Binh Clean Water Joint Stock Company has increased investment to renovate and upgrade infrastructure systems in water treatment plants and pipelines, and continuously improved service quality to better meet water demand in urban areas.

Investment in facility upgrading

In order to meet the increasing water demand and enhance quality water supply services, the company has actively invested in expanding its plants and pipeline system. Typically, in 2014-2016, the firm used depreciation fund to renovate and expand the right part of Hoa Binh City to scale up the daily supply capacity from 8,000 cubic meters to 14,000 cubic meters, to replace obsolete pipelines, to upgrade the water supply system in Hoang Van Thu Street, Hoa Binh City and Muong Khen Town, Tan Lac District.

Currently, the company invested in water supply infrastructure in Trung Minh commune to upgrade technical infrastructure for the commune to be upgraded to a ward. The project was carried out in the new form of construction investment, which includes three pressure pipelines and three service pipelines. The VND14.9 billion project was completed in December 2019.

General Director Nguyen Duy Hung said, Trung Minh clean water project has very low economic benefits but, because of its responsibility, the company still decided to make investment. This is also a difficulty for a water supplier in mountainous areas where population density is low. In 2019, the firm upgraded, repaired and expanded pipelines; upgraded the capacity of water treatment and pumping stations, covering nine projects worth a total capital of VND74 billion. In 2020, the company planned to launch 22 projects with a total investment of VND76 billion. Thus, the company’s water infrastructure and pipelines have been increasingly upgraded and expanded to meet public needs in the area.

Service quality improvement

So as to improve the water supply quality for customers, Hoa Binh Clear Water Joint Stock Company has adopted consistent tasks and solutions; minimized water loss in urban areas; and developed community coordination programs to combat water loss. At the same time, the company stepped up marketing, strengthened coordination with authorities at all levels to seek investment capital to expand the water supply network and develop the customer base, and deal with overdue bad debts. The firm has also strictly controlled and reduced business costs; built and perfected the internal administration system, the economic and technical norms system to match the new organizational model. Therefore, it has built up a strong force of regular pipe inspectors to detect breakage points for repair and to propose replacement investment and expansion of broken pipelines to local leaders.

The company’s leadership always educates and forces its employees to strictly comply with the law to ensure public satisfaction. All the staff is always united and ready to undertake any work regardless of how hard it is to supply clean water for people.

With that effort, Hoa Binh Clear Water Joint Stock Company achieved positive business results and applied all mandatory policies for employees. In 2019, the company supplied 9 million cubic meters of tap water, earned revenue of VND57.7 billion, and paid VND7.1 billion to State coffers. In 2020, it will strive to achieve the tap water output of 9.2 million cubic meters and revenue of VND59.3 billion.

Box: After many name changes and updated operational forms, the company founded in 1960 as Hoa Binh Water Plant was renamed to Hoa Binh Clear Water Joint Stock Company in 2009. Its top task is supplying water for local residents.

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