Environmental Protection - Green Growth

2:57:38 PM | 30/3/2020

Officially going into commercial operation in July 2017, after just over a year (2018), Nhan Co Alumina Plant Project reached its designed capacity of 650,000 tons. “This is the success of a whole company and the support of local people. It is also a great source of motivation for us to bring to market quality products. Thanks to that, Dak Nong Aluminum brand has been known not only in the country but also trusted with the highest satisfaction in many countries,” said Mr. Nguyen Ba Phong, Deputy Director of Vinacomin - Dak Nong Aluminum Company.

Stay on top of everything

“Nhan Co Alumina Plant Project is its second project to be implemented after the Lam Dong project. This project has contributed to central and local state budget revenue (VND448 billion to the central coffers and VND500 billion to the local coffers in 2019). In 2019, the company turned out 686,000 tons, or 106% of its designed capacity. In fact, since the establishment and commissioning of the plant to date, the development path has not always been smooth and the company has encountered numerous difficulties and challenges intertwined. But, that is a great source of motivation for us to become more mature and grow stronger,” he said.

In addition, Nhan Co Aluminum Plant Project always focused on applying modern and advanced technologies suitable to the Central Highlands environment. These initiatives demonstrated technological prowess of aluminum production - a very new industry, the first time in Vietnam of the technical staff of Vinacomin - Dak Nong Aluminum Company. Particularly in 2019, the company had 47 ideas applied and helped streamline production. Aluminum product quality meets international standards, featured by 98.6-99% of Al2O3 content, and other quality indicators ensure the requirements of customers. In 2018-2019, the company sold 1,233,000 tons of aluminum and 222,500 tons of hydrate, with 90% of products being exported mainly to Arab countries, Japan, South Korea, China, and India.

Remarkably, the company always takes the lead in strictly fulfilling legal provisions on environmental protection. Environmental protection has been highly effectively applied. Based on assessment reports by authorities, the factory environment and the surroundings are on allowed standards. In addition to improving production rationalization techniques, the company proposed Vinacomin Group repair equipment, replace and buy more equipment meeting European and G7 standards to increase equipment longevity and reliance on production lines and reduce operating costs. “In any industry, especially heavy industrial factories like Nhan Co Alumina Plant, keeping the environment green will bring sustainable development. First of all, we need to protect the health of the workers, to protect the living environment of surrounding people,” Phong affirmed.

Focus on human resource investment

Dak Nong province has many limitations, an unfavorable transportation system and a ‘scarce’ labor market. Being aware of this, the company always upholds the ‘human" factor’ in all production and business activities and makes the most of human resources. The company provides best conditions for more than 1,200 employees to improve their professional skills and restructures the apparatus to enhance performance. This company always adheres to the working principle ‘Unity - Innovation - Safety - Renovation - Development’. In 2020, the output is expected to reach 700,000 tons, or 110% of designed capacity, and the average salary of an employee is above VND12 million a month. It also keeps safe production and ensures environmental indicators.

With the current world economic situation, not only the aluminum market but also the mineral market in general are facing plenty of difficulties. Before this reality, the company will continue to optimize production stages, apply computing technology to increase equipment performance, reduce production costs, and improve product competitiveness. For its long-term strategy, the company will research and expand investment to double its capacity (13 million tons of aluminum equivalent), optimize and enhance competitiveness, make aluminum a national strategic product, develop Dak Nong province into a technology center for bauxite and aluminum production (aluminum industry) of Vietnam.

The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) is an indicator to measure and rank provinces and cities of Vietnam in terms of economic governance quality and the ease of business environment for business development. PCI is considered a policy tool aimed for changing practices. This is also the basis for Dak Nong province as well as Vinacomin - Dak Nong Aluminum Company to determine that more efforts are needed in all tasks, especially improving the infrastructure, and of course, a good coordination between businesses and local government. Especially, authorities need to raise public awareness on site clearance and reduce cumbersome procedures in administrative work. Of course, human resources are the most important thing because human beings are the soul of a nation. This is a compass for Vinacomin - Dak Nong Aluminum Company to affirm the value and position in all tasks, confidently accompanying the province to improve the PCI. “Therefore, hopefully, the government will apply many policies to limit brain drain, attract enough well-qualified human resources. This is a prerequisite for not only the company but also many others to come to the province. Surely, in 2-3 years, this land will be completely different and the business market here will be vibrant and busy. There will be a new breeze to this upland in the Central Highlands,” Phong concluded.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum