Vinh Phuc PC Joining Hands with Localities to Achieve Dual Goals

9:32:45 AM | 15/7/2020

Following the direction of the Prime Minister and the Vietnam Electricity (EVN), Vinh Phuc Power Company (Vinh Phuc PC) has lowered power prices and reduced electricity bills for people and businesses, especially those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has joined hands with Vinh Phuc province to realize the dual goal: Pushing back the pandemic, and boosting socioeconomic development.

Vinh Phuc PC has actively carried out various solutions to ensure safe and stable electricity supply for business activity and effectively control the Covid-19 pandemic since the start of this year. In addition, the company has also developed plans and scenarios to get prepared for and proactively respond to the complicated evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has directed its subordinate units to check power lines, transformer stations and grid to strengthen the electricity system, detect and promptly handle problems, especially in hospitals and medical centers. The company has also prepared personnel to ensure the fastest troubleshooting.

In lowering power prices and reducing power bills for customers and enterprises affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, customers using household and commercial electricity benefit most from this policy. According to Vinh Phuc PC, more than 200,000 customers will have their electricity prices reduced in three months, from May to July 2020. Particularly, over 196,000 of household customers enjoyed a power price cut by 10% and accounting for 89.2%. Over 23,000 corporate entities enjoyed a 10% reduction in all time frames, counting from the latest invoices submitted from April 16. At the same time, Vinh Phuc PC has cooperated with the Department of Health and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to make a list of customers who live in facilities subject to social isolation, Covid-19 examination and treatment and hotels. A representative from Vinh Phuc PC said, right after EVN’s guidance on power price support for customers affected by Covid-19 pandemic, the company sent a written request to the Provincial People’s Committee and the Standing Committee for the Covid-19 Prevention in Vinh Phuc and relevant agencies to make a list of customers beneficial to the support policy.

In addition, to join hands with the country and localities to prevent and control the pandemic, Vinh Phuc PC donated VND30 million from its welfare fund and mobilized all employees to donate one day’s salary; organized many programs to inform the contagion prevention; presented face masks and antiseptic liquid to people, installed electric systems in quarantine areas; and assisted online medical declaration. Currently, Vinh Phuc PC is actively ensuring safe, continuous and stable power supply for businesses.

By Nguyet Tham, Vietnam Business Forum

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