Hung Yen Post: Constantly Improving Service Quality

3:26:38 PM | 8/7/2005

Hung Yen Post: Constantly Improving Service Quality

Hung Yen Posts and Telecommunications (Hung Yen P & T) is a State-owned enterprise operating in the post & telecom sector. Over the past few years, the annual growth rate of Hung Yen Post's revenues has constantly stood at 30%. With this accomplishment, Hung Yen is among the fastest-growing units of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation.

Rapid advances in post and telecommunications technologies have greatly contributed to the national economic growth. Information and telecommunications services have been and will be digitalized. Microwave narrowband lines and symmetric cables have given way to the fibre optic cable network. In this context, Hung Yen P & T has made important contributions to the overall development of the posts and telecommunications industry.

Hung Yen P & T was re-established in July 1997 and has now built 10 post-offices and 114 cultural village post offices, reducing the radius of its service coverage to 1.33 kilometres per post office. These village post offices help promote cultural and economic exchanges, and therefore receive the full support of local people and authorities at all levels. Hung Yen P & T, in coordination with the provincial Department of Education and Training, has completed the program of launching the Internet to junior and senior secondary schools that reach the national standard.

Hung Yen P & T has gradually modernized its facilities with new equipment. It has also applied information technology (IT) in post and telecom services, for example the development of the computer network, EMS Positioning, money transfer management software and newspaper distribution software, in order to improve the service quality and increase the accuracy and rapidity in service delivery.

In parallel with the development of various postal services, Hung Yen P & T has unceasingly modernized and synchronized the province’s telecom network. The switchboard system across the province has been replaced with a high-tech circuit switching system that is very conducive to the development of telecom services. Notably, Hung Yen P & T has recently finished a project installing a fibre optic cable ring network in the 2003-2005 period, meeting demands for network security and inter-province transmission. At present, the inner-city telecom system has 11 fibre-optic transmission lines, 3 microwave lines and 16 dual lines.

Modern equipment and technology not only bring about stable service quality but also enable Hung Yen P & T to introduce more value-added services, including restricted calls as per subscriber’s requirements, caller ID service and a telephone conferencing system service, as well as new services such as the economical international and domestic 171 dialing, indirect Internet access using VNN1268, VNN1269 and ADSL.

In 2004, the province’s telephone system was boosted with the addition of 7,419 telephone lines, exceeding the planned target set forth by the VNPT by 110.53%. The province’s density of telephones has reached 5.96 lines per 100 inhabitants. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, Director of Hung Yen Post and Telecommunications, in the development strategy to 2010, Hung Yen P & T will strive to universalize its service coverage in rural areas, increase the number of village post offices in concentrated residential areas and coordinate with relevant bodies to diversify the activities of these post offices. Besides, Hung Yen P & T will invest in increasing the number and capacity of existing switchboards in order to provide timely basic post and telecom services to customers. In particular, Hung Yen P & T will rapidly apply the New Generation Network (NGN) technology to promptly offer various services.

According to Mr. Binh, with the above mentioned orientations, by 2010, Hung Yen will increase the density of telephones to 17-18 lines per 100 inhabitants, provide Internet access at all village post offices, junior secondary schools, hospitals from the district line and State administrative agencies, and raise turnover to more than VND400 billion.

  • Nguyen Thoa