Upholding Cultural, Spiritual Values in Industrial Parks

9:26:53 AM | 28/8/2020

Alongside investing in infrastructure development in industrial parks, Vinh Phuc province has put a premium on construction of cultural and welfare facilities there to create a safe working environment and meet the living and working needs of local workers.

Currently, a majority of workers in Vinh Phuc industrial parks, especially those living in rented accommodations, face hard difficulties both materially and spiritually. Therefore, Vinh Phuc province has focused investment in building cultural and welfare facilities in industrial parks to gradually improve their cultural and spiritual life with the aim of boosting business performance and labor productivity of tenants, improving the investment environment and supporting businesses to achieve stronger development.

In the past time, the Vinh Phuc Labor Confederation has actively advised the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee to adopt programs and projects to build large-scale welfare facilities for workers, including affordable accommodations for workers and low-income earners, public kindergartens for workers' children in Khai Quang Industrial Park and a worker cultural house in Khai Quang Industrial Park with a total cost of nearly VND50 billion. Furthermore, the confederation has actively coordinated with competent agencies to advise the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee to help it invest VND310 billion to build Trade Union Institutions Zone in Ba Hien commune (Binh Xuyen district) as approved by the Prime Minister. At the same time, it has continued to consult the provincial government to ratify the construction of five worker cultural houses in Binh Xuyen, Lap Thach, Vinh Tuong and Tam Duong districts and Phuc Yen City in 2017-2020.

In August 2015, the 2,500-square meter worker cultural house based in Khai Quang Industrial Park (Vinh Yen) was put into operation with one multipurpose cultural house (including three badminton courts, a table-tennis table, a volleyball court and the working office) and a mini football field of 1,000 square meters. Currently, the facility is a center of entertaining, cultural, and sports events for workers and union members in the industrial park. It is a place to organize conferences, workshops, legal consultations and dialogues with workers to enrich their spiritual and cultural life, build a strong, harmonious corporate culture and stable and progressive labor relations, shape a powerful workforce, vigorous cultural lifestyle and professional working and enhance productivity, quality and efficiency.

The Standing Committee of the Vinh Phuc Labor Confederation has actively coordinated with relevant local agencies to review and propose expanding the Worker Cultural House in Khai Quang Industrial Park by 1.2 ha to create a green space which is blended with entertainment services for workers and upgrade toilets, lighting systems, yard grounds, drainage ditch of mini football field, house painting, and roof restoration.

At the same time, infrastructure investors of the industrial parks are recommended to reserve land funds to build amusement parks, entertainment facilities, welfare works, and cultural institutions; engage more social resources to invest and build cultural institutions, welfare works to better take care of cultural and spiritual life for workers in industrial parks.

By Tran Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum