SamJin LND Vina Co., Ltd Taking Good Care of Employees

9:41:34 AM | 28/8/2020

Together with the focus on investment in modern equipment and machinery to make quality products, SamJin LND Vina Co., Ltd based in Ba Thien II Industrial Park, has always paid attention to taking care of the spiritual and material life of all employees in the past time.

Wholly South Korea-invested SamJin LND Vina, established in 2016 and officially put into operation in November 2017, manufactures phone charger housing cases, computer charger housing cases and electronic components. At present, the company has 320 employees, paid nearly VND11 million a month on average.

Right in the beginning, the Management Board decided to set up a trade union to promptly grasp employees’ thoughts and aspirations and share difficulties in work and in life with them to secure them to work for the company. The company fully applies mandatory employment policies such as health insurance, social insurance, maternity leave, shift meal and many other allowances for employees. On public holidays or their birthdays, the Trade Union Executive Committee presents gifts to employees to motivate and encourage their enthusiastic working spirit, promptly visits and encourages them when they are hospitalized for a long time, and presents gifts to their children on children's days.

With the viewpoint that the workplace is a second home, right from the stage of factory design and construction, the company determined that environmental sanitation and labor safety means protecting the health of workers who are directly engaged in manufacturing the company's products and improving productivity and operational performance. The company has invested in building an automatic fire prevention system, equipping workers with labor protection equipment, constructing synchronous modern technical infrastructure, and establishing grassroots fire prevention teams. At the same time, it regularly informs and practices using common fire-fighting equipment and protective equipment; and trains occupational safety and health to improve self-awareness spirit and responsibility in fire prevention and occupational safety across the company.

To provide safe and nutritious meals for employees, the company signed a contract with Food Vina Co., Ltd of South Korea. Every day, the company has employees check food safety and hygiene and occupational hygiene, and regularly discusses these issues with food catering service providers to improve meal quality and safety issues.

Before the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, despite many difficulties in business operations, SamJin LND Vina has adopted plans and solutions to combat the pandemic and maintain business operations. When orders from customers declined because of Covid-19, the company applied rotational leave to ensure sustained income for employees. At the same time, the company sent the list of 40 disadvantaged workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to the Trade Union of Vinh Phuc province’s industrial parks to get support for them.

In the coming time, SamJin LND Vina will host more sports events; actively respond to major holidays and celebratory events of the country, Vinh Phuc province and the Trade Union; and play with football, badminton and volleyball teams. Besides, the company will introduce more favorable regimes and policies for workers, build more factories, expand markets and business operations, and create more jobs for local workers.

The attention of the Management Board and the Trade Union to employees' material and spiritual life has strengthened the solidarity and sustainability of SamJin LND Vina.

By Nguyet Tham, Vietnam Business Forum