Pham Nghia Bringing Bronze Featherbacks Far and Wide

9:54:36 AM | 28/9/2020

During five years of developing products processed from bronze featherbacks, Pham Nghia Food Joint Stock Company (PHAM NGHIA FOOD) has always focused on building a chain of farming, processing, distribution and export to optimize the value of this specialty fish. Along with the principle of upholding the nutritional value, product quality and the health of consumers, PHAM NGHIA FOOD brand has step by step captured the trust of customers near and far.

Raising the value of bronze featherbacks

A bronze featherback is a freshwater fish whose meat is supple, tough and very fragrant, and can be processed into many different dishes. In addition to the special taste, the ​​fish also has high nutritional value and is good for health, so many people love it.

Realizing the great values ​​from the bronze featherback and wishing more consumers to enjoy the dishes from this specialty fish, in 2015, Mr. Pham Trong Nghia (currently General Director of PHAM NGHIA FOOD) decided to start a business in the field of processing bronze featherbacks.

In the early days of his career, he had to go down to Soc Trang province to learn the process of raising bronze featherbacks. At the same time, he had to persuade local people to cooperate in fish farming and product consumption.

Mr. Nghia knew that only fostering that cooperation can ensure the scale of raw material areas to provide a stable supply for the processing. More importantly, fish materials will have a clear origin, ensuring the quality in accordance with the production standards of the company.

“At that time, I only had more than 10 employees, 50 square meters for my office and production area, so the processing output was only 50 to 60 kilograms per day. On the other hand, the products were also quite simple, only grilled fishes and whole fishes marinated with spices, so they did not meet all the needs of the market,” recalled Mr. Nghia.

Facing that fact, he and his colleagues reassessed the processing process and market requirements to set the development direction. The key thing was to promote product research and development, creating diverse, rich and novel products. In particular, it is necessary to show customers a clean processing process with safe products.

Therefore, PHAM NGHIA FOOD decided to invest intensively in three key areas: "farming area - factory and production process - customers".

After five years of efforts, up to now, the company has built a VietGAP-standard farming area in Ke Sach district (Soc Trang province) and a farming area of ​​more than 10 hectares in Thoi Lai district (Can Tho city), meeting Global GAP standards. At the same time, it has continued to link production with local people, with the same process as the company's farming area; ensure commitment to purchasing and creating stable income for farmers.

For the processing process, raw fish is checked for quality before being caught and transported to the factory. Here, fish is produced according to the process meeting HACCP standards to ensure food quality, hygiene and safety. In particular, 2020 marks a big step forward for PHAM NGHIA FOOD, when the company applies the production line powered by the modern Japanese technology. Thanks to that, it has created more products from bronze featherbacks, rich in types, diversified in segments, with some high-end products with high added value.

From simple products made from bronze featherbacks initially, through hundreds of research projects and experiments, combining with other ingredients as well as grasping the needs of customers, PHAM NGHIA FOOD has released a lot of quality products. These include: Deli/Hapi Grilled Bronze Featherback, Hapi Kim Sa Deboned Bronze Featherback, Hapi Bronze Featherback – Octopus Ball, Hapi Bronze Featherback –Shrimp Ball, Pham Nghia Pati Hotpot Ball.

Gradually reaching international markets

Products from bronze featherbacks of PHAM NGHIA FOOD are now available in most major supermarkets such as: BigC (GO), LOTTE Mart, Co.opmart, MM Mega Market, Vinmart, AeonMall, Emart, and many other retail systems, distribution agents, affirming the brand and meeting the needs of customers.

Some rustic but attractive dishes are made from bronze featherback such as: deboned bronze featherback served with mango and raw vegetables; bitter melon hotpot with bronze featherback balls are always specialty dishes, chosen by tourists to enjoy when visiting Can Tho city. Therefore, PHAM NGHIA FOOD has focused on branding, well packaging, preserving products from bronze featherbacks, which are special gifts to visitors far and wide.

Besides, Mr. Pham Trong Nghia shared: “Currently, PHAM NGHIA FOOD is promoting cooperation with exporters to bring bronze featherback products to the international markets. Driven by the business philosophy of LSD: Lead, Speed, Differentiation, we believe that we will bring quality products to customers”.

From the outstanding efforts and successes over time, PHAM NGHIA FOOD was honored with many prestigious awards such as: "Outstanding Agricultural Product Award 2017", "High Quality Vietnamese Goods - Standard integration in 2019”and many other certifications. In addition, the products are also part of the "Safe Food Supply Chain Products".

The past five years is not a long way, but it is enough to mark the process of discovery, efforts and brand development of PHAM NGHIA FOOD. In the coming time, the company will continue to stay steadfast to the symbol of "Safe and Quality Food", contributing to enrich Vietnamese family's meals.


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Source: Vietnam Business Forum