Singaporean Deputy Ambassador Visits Vinh Phuc Province

10:07:49 AM | 9/10/2020

Mr. Le Duy Thanh, Vice Chairman of Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee, hosted a working meeting with Mr. Tan Weiming, Deputy Ambassador of Singapore to Vietnam.

At the meeting, Mr. Le Duy Thanh said, with the right development policies and strategies, Vinh Phuc has gained many important achievements after more than 20 years of re-establishment of the province. Higher economic growth than the national average, State budget revenue and per capita income rising to the top of the country are an important stepping stone for the province to attract businesses to make investment.

He hoped that, in the coming time, the Embassy of Singapore in Vietnam will introduce Vinh Phuc to many investors, especially those engaged in infrastructure construction in industrial parks, machinery and equipment manufacturing for high-tech industry, high-tech agriculture, and export-oriented agricultural development. He also expected the embassy to support the province to build, connect and promote tourism, and provide best conditions for it to develop education and training through training cooperation programs.

Mr. Tan Weiming affirmed that Vinh Phuc province’s mechanisms and policies for investors are stimulating businesses to come to Vinh Phuc. In his capacity, he will work with his colleagues to recommend projects and investors suitable to the fields Vinh Phuc province is looking for cooperation.

By Tran Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum

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