Nga Bay City Turning Potential Advantages into Development Motivation

9:30:05 AM | 13/10/2020

In recent years, Nga Bay City has gradually asserted its role as a northeastern urban center and one of two ‘locomotives’ of economic development in Hau Giang province. To reach its current position, the city has carried out many investment attraction solutions to transform its potential advantages into driving forces for sustainable development. Mr. Nguyen Dang Hai, Chairman of the Nga Bay City People's Committee, gives an exclusive interview on this content to Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter.

What are outstanding socioeconomic development results that Nga Bay City achieved in the 2015-2020 period? What are key missions the city follows to maintain growth in the coming time?

In the 2015-2020 term, despite many difficulties in the way, given a long tradition of solidarity and determination, the Party, the government and the people of Nga Bay City achieved and exceeded 18 out of 19 targets set in the resolution adopted by the 11th City Party Congress. Notably, the economy continued to develop rapidly as local potential advantages were effectively tapped.

Over the past five years, the city's production value grew steadily. Total budget revenue reached VND2,203 billion. People's living standards increasingly improved. By 2020, per capita income reached VND59.7 million, up 2.05 times higher than in 2015.

Nga Bay is the first district-level unit of Hau Giang province to complete the National Target Program on New Countryside Construction with all communes fulfilling advanced rural development standards and all wards meeting urban civilization standards. The political system has gradually been consolidated towards a streamlined and effective manner to better performance. Administrative reform, especially administrative procedure reform, made much progress.

The city’s infrastructure has been invested and basically completed. The urban appearance is increasingly spacious, clean and beautiful. These results made Nga Bay a third-grade urban area and a provincially governed city in 2020. Nga Bay City continued to affirm its position as a satellite city with great potential for development.

In the 2020-2025 period, Nga Bay City will continue to focus resources on social and economic infrastructure construction; raise city standards; create conditions for development and expansion of urban space towards the Hau River. Particularly, it will give priority to building a central urban area in Nga Bay Ward, a satellite town in Hiep Loi Ward and Tan Thanh commune, model communes of new rural development and wards of advanced urban civilization.

The city will propose investing in upgrading and expanding National Highway 1, Quan Lo - Phung Hiep Road, Ring Road 1 and building Ring Road 2. It will deploy and speed up construction of key urban roads such as main trunk roads and internal roads in residential areas.

On the other hand, Nga Bay City will focus on investment and construction of wastewater drainage and treatment systems; and build and develop green, clean and beautiful urban areas. At the same time, it attached much importance to improving the quality of people's life, educating Nga Bay people to be civilized, elegant and hospitable, to lay another stepping stone to become a commercial and tourist center of the province and an ideal destination for domestic and foreign investors and tourists by 2025.

Could you please tell us Nga Bay City’s potential advantages in economic development and investment attraction? Which fields will be given priority for investment attraction?

As the northeastern economic center of Hau Giang province, Nga Bay City is facing the need for breakthrough development, speeding up industry and service development, gradually becoming a large, civilized and modern city, and a transshipment point for goods of provinces in the region. Therefore, the city is channeling its investment resources for building infrastructure, upgrading facilities, and improving the quality of civil servants. It is giving priority to smart city development projects, urbanization development projects and environmental mediation projects.

In the coming time, the city will boost trade - service - tourism industry - construction development. In particular, it will woo investors to invest in modernizing trade - service - tourism infrastructure; expand the city center; build trade centers, agricultural wholesale markets, and upgrade grocery markets. At the same time, it will attract resources for development of hotels, restaurants, shops, department stores, consumer electronics centers, financial and banking services, transportation services and education.

In industrial development, Nga Bay City will focus on effectively operating Hiep Thanh Industrial Complex, invite enterprises to invest in production factories along Phung Hiep - Ca Mau Road and along the Cai Con River, invest in infrastructure completion in Tan Thanh Industrial Park, and develop water transport on Cai Con River and Quan Lo Phung Hiep Canal.

In tourism service development, the city will develop garden-based eco-tourism; effectively operate Nga Bay floating market and attract businesses to link tours and routes.

Do you have any message to businesses and investors who are keen on Nga Bay City?

With its increasingly asserted role and position and a lot of room for development, Nga Bay City is becoming an attractive destination for many investors. The city considers investment promotion and attraction very important, and the top task for sustainable development.

In the legal framework, the Nga Bay City People's Committee always facilitates investors to seek investment cooperation opportunities. Furthermore, Party and government leaders always endeavor to find and remove bottlenecks that hinder the investment environment from getting better and competitiveness from getting sharper to enhance economic management capacity of all levels of government.

We will continue to effectively carry out tasks and measures aimed to have an open and healthy business environment. In particular, we closely carry out main solutions for better business environment and stronger national competitiveness in 2020 as per Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 1, 2020 of the Government and other directive documents of the provincial government.

The city will pay attention to creating a broad feedback channel for investors to raise ideas; strengthen dialogues, promptly and definitively settle difficulties and problems of the business community. In particular, the city will firmly direct site clearance to quickly create a clean land fund for new projects, build a stable and safe investment environment and provide best conditions for investors to feel secure in project implementation and business development.

On the other hand, with the goal of building a "dynamic, clean and popular” government, the Nga Bay City People’s Committee will concentrate on applying the “friendly government” and “e-government” model; step up administrative reform, especially administrative procedures, and improve public and business satisfaction.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum