KVIP - Space for Business Startup and Technology Incubation

9:50:24 AM | 29/9/2020

Korea - Vietnam Incubator Park (KVIP) based in Can Tho City is the result of a comprehensive cooperation program between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of South Korea. Located in Tra Noc Industrial Park 2, KVIP mainly supports innovation research and development, and incubates processing technology for new agricultural and seafood products.

Tenants are entitled to incentives specified in the Prime Minister’s Decision 1193/QD-TTg dated July 30, 2015, on piloting specific mechanisms and policies for KVIP development, largely incentives for corporate income tax, import tax and land rent.

Inaugurated on November 14, 2015, KVIP has, to date, selected nine companies for incubation and making new products. In addition, KVPI has supported more than 1,020 local students to use its equipment for graduation projects and scientific topics. Currently, the incubator continues to invite organizations and individuals to study and incubate technologies to create many new products of high added value. At the same time, it is ready to support students to study, conduct scientific research and start up a business.

The incubator encourages companies to innovate technology, supports them to transfer technology, select and adapt to advanced technologies in Vietnam and abroad; strengthens scientific and technological cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals; and strengthens Vietnam - South Korea bilateral cooperation in a number of strategic industries, such as agricultural and aquatic product processing and mechanical engineering, to soon form and develop a science and technology market and make Can Tho a science and technology center of the region.

KVIP will connect and incubate product development ideas initiated by companies. Equipped with high-tech equipment and machinery, a team of leading experts will work together to help businesses incubate technological innovations at KVIP with the opportunity to research and make new products of high quality and increase competitiveness in the market. After successfully researching products, they will be supported to transfer science and technology to make new products at their own production facilities.

Supporting businesses and connecting businesses with scientists and authorities, KVIP will further strive to find new solutions and new technological processes to help them access preference policies and government solution packages for their overall development.

Korea - Vietnam Incubator Park in Can Tho City

Road 8, Tra Noc Industrial Park 2, Phuoc Thoi Ward, O Mon District, Can Tho City

  • Tel: 02923 761120
  • Email: vuonuomcongnghe_vnhq@cantho.gov.vn
  • Website: www.kvip.com.vn

Source: Vietnam Business Forum