Accelerating IT Application, E-government Construction

9:44:47 AM | 29/9/2020

Given the COVID-19 pandemic breakout, building e-government plays an important role in changing working manners to ensure the smooth and effective service and operation of the administrative apparatus. Can Tho City has identified e-government building as a key task.

The Department of Information and Communications advised the City People's Committee to issue Decision 644/QD-UBND dated March 16, 2017, on E-Government Architecture of Can Tho City, laying the foundation for the city to deploy IT applications to ensure synchronization, interconnection and data sharing. With the goal of applying information technology together with administrative reform, building and developing the e-government of Can Tho City based on the Vietnam e-Government Platform and based on open data toward digital economy and digital society to enhance the operational efficiency of the administrative apparatus and service quality of people and businesses, ensure information safety and network security, the Department of Information and Communications consulted the Can Tho People's Committee on the 5-year e-government plan for the 2016-2020 period (Plan 131 dated November 28, 2016) and annual information technology application plans for government agencies; advised the Can Tho People's Committee to issue Plan 73/KH-UBND dated April 19, 2019, on implementation of the Government's Resolution 17/NQ-CP dated March 7, 2019, on e-government development tasks and solutions in the 2019-2020 period.

The document management and administration system is applied at all 495 government agencies from city to commune levels. The system is interconnected with the National Document System to ensure the sending and receiving of four-level interlinked electronic documents (from central to commune levels). Over 92% of outgoing/incoming documents are transferred electronically. 95% of incoming/outgoing documents are transferred electronically and in writing between government agencies.

The Online Public Service Portal System and the Electronic Single-window Mechanism are deployed synchronously for all state administrative agencies from city to commune levels according to Decree 61/2018/NQ-CP on deployment of single-window mechanism in administrative procedure service under the guidance of the Ministry of Information and Communications. The systems are added and interconnected with the post office system, online payment and social networking sites for looking up result status, and collecting opinions online of citizens, organizations and businesses about administrative procedures at government agencies. At the same time, the City Public Service Portal has connected to the National Public Service Portal and enabled single sign-on, file synchronization and server security as required by the Office of the Government.

The e-mail system ensures stable and effective operation to meet information exchange needs of government agencies and public employees. As of May 2020, 13,322 mailboxes have been activated in the city. All public employees use the email system.

The Videoconferencing System, launched since 2018, is working stably and effectively (from city to district and commune levels) with more than 303 online meetings as of May 2020, enabling leaders at all levels to direct and administer their work in a quick, efficient and cost-saving manner.

Digital signatures are granted to 100% of authorized organizations and leaders. A total number of 1,776 digital signatures have been issued for sending and receiving electronic documents and online payment transactions at the treasury.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum