Wooing More Investors, Sustaining Development

10:08:47 AM | 28/9/2020

To boost socioeconomic development and proactively integrate into the world economy, Vinh Thanh district has worked hard to improve the business environment, increase investment funding and support business development. In particular, the district determined that completing infrastructure is one of important solutions to create a driving force for sustainable development.

Holding steady growth momentum

In the last term, 2015-2020, the Party, the government and people of Vinh Thanh district strived to achieve and exceed all 14 key targets specified in the Resolution of the 11th District Party Congress. The economy has grown well. The total gross output was estimated at more than VND32,925.33 billion, fulfilling 112.42% of the plan. The economic structure has shifted positively. The average value of agricultural production was more than VND117 million per hectare a year, 56.5% higher than the goal set in the Resolution. Trade and service progressed, exceeding the plan by 25.42%. Industry and handicraft surpassed the plan by 20.9%. Budget revenue was 22.17% higher than the plan.

The district has mobilized all available resources to carry out many important works and projects to serve socioeconomic development requirements. Rural traffic networks have been upgraded to make sure that motorized vehicles can reach all communes and villages to spur economic growth and raise people’s incomes and livelihoods. The district has mobilized VND1,948 billion for new rural development, ensuring all nine communes and wards meet new countryside requirements two years before the deadline.

These results are a solid foundation for the district to develop faster and more sustainably in the new period. In the 2020-2025 term, it will strive to achieve the gross output value of VND46,490 billion, annual budget revenue growth of 12% or more, and all nine communes and wards fulfilling advanced new countryside criteria and two recognized as model new countryside communes. It will also develop Thanh An and Vinh Thanh towns into fourth-grade urban areas and reduce the poverty rate to less than 0.5%.

Investment attraction, business support

Vinh Thanh is an agricultural district where land resources and labor resources are abundant and the infrastructure system for socioeconomic development has been synchronously invested for construction. The district has built and upgraded many important traffic routes, using central and local budget, including National Highway 80, 24-km passing Cai San River traffic route and Road WB5. In addition, Lo Te - Rach Soi traffic route is expected to be completed and put into operation in early 2021.

These lifeblood traffic routes meet transport demands, connect the region and neighboring provinces such as An Giang, Kien Giang and Dong Thap, and open up the opportunity to engage all economic sectors to invest in local development. In the new period, Vinh Thanh is determined to focus on building and developing the district towards an advanced, civilized and modern new countryside; attract investment funds and quickly develop industry, handicraft, trade and service.

To perform these tasks, the district has introduced following solutions: Focusing on agricultural restructuring, actively adopting suitable crops and animals, organic production to increase the value that the market needs; expanding the scale and raising the economic value of industry - handicraft; mobilizing all investment sources to build synchronous socioeconomic infrastructure; and engaging the public to build rural traffic routes with government support to meet development and traveling requirements.

According to Chairman of Vinh Thanh People's Committee Vo Van Phuong, the district will first of all call for investment fund for infrastructure construction in industrial and handicraft areas and provide land, transport, grid and water infrastructure for the city to build Lo Te - Rach Soi Industrial Park (900 ha) in Vinh Trinh commune; and develop new urban areas and other key projects.

Meanwhile, Vinh Thanh district will encourage industries for agricultural development, such as food processing, agricultural materials, seafood processing and animal feeds. The district will pay greater attention to developing handicraft industries and traditional trades such as mechanical repair, mechanical manufacturing, welding, processing and construction. At the same time, the district will focus on modernizing trade and service, diversifying products and services, facilitating businesses to invest in building supermarkets and convenience stores, and adopt new business methods to better meet social needs.

According to Mr. Phuong, for many years, the locality has actively invited local and external investors, but results are still modest. Most investors are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Therefore, in the coming time, the district will direct the effective implementation of tasks and solutions to create a favorable business environment to satisfy investors and businesses.

Vinh Thanh district will formulate a broad feedback channel for investors and businesses to raise their opinions; pledge to support and strengthen dialogues with investors, promptly and completely solve difficulties, and create best conditions for them to expand business operations.

“With the principle that the growth of the business is the success of Vinh Thanh, the district government will closely direct site clearance, create a clean land fund for projects; and create a stable and safe investment environment. In particular, district leaders will closely monitor the settlement of administrative procedures for organizations and individuals, ensure compliance with regulations on the time of receiving and processing administrative procedures," said Mr. Phuong.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum