Ensuring Effective Site Clearance

9:39:14 AM | 14/10/2020

Hau Giang Land Fund Development Center was established under Decision 1412/QD-UBND, dated October 5, 2015, of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and brought into official operations from January 1, 2016. The center is primarily tasked to carry out land compensation and site clearance; provide assistance and resettlement; manage and operate public land funds; and organize land auctions.

After nearly five years of operation, directed by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee and coordinated and supported by relevant agencies and localities, with its focus on professional qualifications of employees for better service performance, Hau Giang Land Fund Development Center successfully completed its assigned tasks. All activities of the center ensure public interests.

Director Le Van Thanh said, “We always perform our tasks based on the criteria of harmonizing individual interests, collective interests and common social interests; ensuring the consensus of stakeholders as well as openness and transparency. The center also minimizes conflicts; and avoids abuse, harassment, profiteering and misuse of capital sources.”

“Besides, current regulations on land compensation, resident support and resettlement are quite specific and appropriate. Public awareness of this issue also has many changes. Therefore, over the past time, land acquisition, ground clearance, land compensation and residential resettlement are relatively favorable, fast, scientific and reasonable for the center. Thereby, it helps reduce the time to deal with administrative procedures, especially in access to clean premises for investors in the province,” he added.

In 2019, the center effectively used and developed the land fund and paid VND530.11 billion to the local budget. On land compensation and site clearance, about 70 projects were launched and about 2,500 households were affected. The center completed land compensation approved by competent authorities with a total value of more than VND580 billion and handed over 319 hectares of clean land.

In the first six months of 2020, although the COVID-19 epidemic affected counting, listing and consultation, the center still strived to implement the task of using and developing the land fund (by the online auction); and submitted VND59.307 billion to the budget. Regarding land compensation and clearance, the center deployed 57 projects with more than 1,300 households affected; and completed compensation plans with a combined value of over VND325 billion.”

In recent years, project operation, public land and resettlement in the province made progress. In addition to increasing budget revenue for investment and development, creating resources for land clearance for a clean land fund, the center has also helped form residential areas, urban areas, and commercial services. From now to the end of 2020, the center will put land-use rights for public auction to raise funds for the local budget as planned. At the same time, it will accelerate land compensation and site clearance for key projects.

At present, Hau Giang province is carrying out many measures to promote investment attraction, especially preferential mechanisms and policies and investor support. However, due to insufficient clean premises, when investors choose a location for their projects, they must advance funding for site clearance. This also leads to longer time to carry out procedures for land acquisition and land clearance. Many projects have their capital trapped and progress pressures weighed on right after the stage of access to land.

“In the coming time, the province should direct solutions to speed up land compensation and site clearance progress for projects. In particular, spending a part of the local budget for land compensation and site clearance to create a clean land fund for effective investment attraction,” he suggested.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum