Enhancing Human Resource Development to Better Serve Businesses

1:41:41 PM | 20/11/2020

Defining human resources, especially high-quality human resources, as one of breakthrough stages and prerequisites for sustainable socioeconomic development, Vinh Phuc attaches special importance to training and developing skilled human resources and vocational training.

Supporting the development of vocational education

Currently, Vinh Phuc has 49 vocational training schools. The province has issued policies on vocational training and employment support: Resolution of the Provincial People's Council on support policies on vocational education and employment in the province in the 2016-2020 period; Resolution on specific measures on investment attraction and business development support; and Decision of the Provincial People's Committee on promulgating regulations and policies on support for high-quality personnel training and recruitment.

In 2014-2018, vocational training schools in Vinh Phuc province received nearly VND194 billion for purchasing vocational training equipment. At present, Vinh Phuc has seven colleges and secondary schools selected for key occupations, including Vinh Phuc Vocational College, Vinh Phuc Agricultural Engineering College, Viet Xo Vocational College No. 1, Vocational College No. 2 - Ministry of Defense, Vocational College No. 11 - Ministry of Defense, Vinh Phuc Economics and Technique College, and Phuc Yen Industry College (now Industry and Trade College) with 10 majors/occupations of national level, six majors/occupations of ASEAN level and 11 majors/occupations at international level. These are key majors/occupations in the province for the time being. Besides, Vinh Phuc Vocational College and Agricultural Engineering College are selected for investment according to the Prime Minister’s Decision on “High-quality vocational school development project to 2020”. Vinh Phuc Vocational College, Agricultural Engineering College, Viet Xo Vocational College No. 1 and Industry and Trade College received training support from Australia, Germany and France and launched pilot training according to international standards for college-level occupations: Automotive technology, Metalworking, Industrial electricity, Industrial electronics and Welding

Business cooperation and association

Vocational training programs and textbooks are recompiled according to the framework program announced by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, with 70- 80% of training time used for practice. Schools have shifted from a theory-practice separated training model to module-based training which integrates professional knowledge, practical skills and professional attitudes; adopted student-centered teaching and learning methodologies; invited enterprises to join book compiling stages to create near-to-reality textbooks. They have actively cooperated with businesses to offer best internships for students.

Enterprises have adopted various cooperation forms and activities with vocational training schools like receiving students and teachers to learn about enterprises, offering internships to students, and providing recruitment information and graduate quality feedback. This is an important basis for building and developing high-quality vocational training schools, improving the quality of human resource training, and meeting international labor integration requirements.

To have highly skilled human resources, from 2021, Vinh Phuc province will step up communications, and effectively flow and guide career development for secondary students. The province will review, adjust and develop training programs and contents for highly skilled human resources, meet quality requirements for labor resources on the market; reform vocational training and strengthen quality management of vocational education schools to make sure that student quality meets labor market requirements; and develop enough vocational training managers and teachers to meet requirements for ethical qualities, professional qualifications and expertise.

With over 24,000 vocational training employees, the province regularly sends them to domestic and overseas training courses to raise their qualifications and expertise. Up to now, 100% of vocational training officials and employees at provincial and district levels have met required qualifications.

Leaders of Vinh Phuc province said: Workers in Vinh Phuc province have not met requirements from businesses. At present, companies in Vinh Phuc province are now employing more than 150,000 workers, including 81,000 in industrial parks. Women workers account for more than 70%. 52% just completed universal education and only 12% graduated from university and college. In addition, local workers are weak at foreign language capabilities and computer skills. Therefore, the province will make further investment to have high quality human resources in the coming time.

Source:  Vietnam Business Forum