IPs Are Driving Force of Provincial Economic Development

10:10:38 AM | 14/12/2020

With synchronous and modern infrastructure and attractive investment policies, Vinh Phuc industrial parks (IPs) have become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors. The success in attracting investment in IPs has increased budget revenue, created jobs, and boosted the development of other services and industries.

Vinh Phuc currently has 18 IPs, covering more than 5,200 hectares. All IPs are conveniently located, and many of them have high occupancy rates such as Khai Quang IP, Binh Xuyen IP, Ba Thien IP, Ba Thien 2 IP, Binh Xuyen 2 IP and Thang Long Vinh Phuc IP. Enterprises in local IPs are operating stably, creating more than 92,000 jobs.

Ba Hien town in the last days of the year is bustling, especially during rush hours at the end of the day with many workers flocking to the central area for shopping. Ba Hien is home to many key IPs such as Ba Thien 1, Ba Thien 2 and Binh Xuyen 2, IPs with high occupancy rates, leading to the number of people living and working to increase rapidly, resulting in the development of service and trade sectors.

According to leaders of the People's Committee of Ba Hien town, the local government has regularly taken care of people's lives, especially the issue of resettlement and provision of service land; well implemented the social security program in order to stabilize the lives of people whose land must be recovered. It has invested heavily in the construction of cultural institutions and entertainment areas. It has also focused on investing in infrastructure and equipment, improving the quality of medical treatment for the people. It has comprehensively improved the quality of education and the quality of trained labor to serve IPs.

In the coming time, localities in the province that have IPs located in the area will encourage various sustainable services such as transportation services, restaurants, hotels, motels, supermarkets, meeting the needs of workers in IPs and local people, contributing to the local socio-economic development.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum