Resolute, Consistent to Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

10:37:31 AM | 27/4/2021

In the face of complicated Covid-19 epidemic developments, the health sector of Tay Ninh province always actively carries out consistent and drastic measures to prevent the epidemic in the new normal, thus protecting the health and life of the people.

As of March 30, 2021, Tay Ninh recorded 22 Covid-19 infections, of which 15 were cured and seven were in isolation and treatment facilities. Up to the present time, the province has basically controlled the epidemic, with no new cases found. Recovered patients are living well with the community while infections are being well treated in quarantine facilities. The province has 32 concentrated quarantine facilities as it has international border gates and favorable traffic networks for easy mobility. Thus, a lot of people are subjected to isolation and quarantine when they enter Vietnam. As of March 26, 2021, Tay Ninh is quarantining 642 people. In terms of testing capacity, the province has deployed two Covid-19 testing systems. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) can test 130 samples in eight hours and Tay Ninh General Hospital can handle 120 samples in eight hours.

Determined to push back the epidemic and protect public health and life, the health sector of Tay Ninh province always monitors and closely follows the information from the Ministry of Health about infections in other provinces and cities to promptly apply preventive plans and actions. Knowing that new strains of Covid-19 are evolving in the world, apart from previous plans, the health sector has actively worked with localities to review and trace, supervise and investigate epidemiological manifestations, people returning from epidemic areas, and close contact cases upon urgent notices of the Ministry of Health. In professional work, the health sector has fully adopted reception and treatment plans; established field hospitals and converted medical examination and treatment facilities to serve patients in case of necessity; and mobilized hospital resources to promptly respond to disease outbreaks. The sector assessed all health facilities according to the Covid-19 Hospital Criteria for safety and prevention. All medical facilities strictly abide by regulations on health safety and epidemic prevention and stay ready for isolation scenarios. Rapid response teams have all been consolidated and are ready to work around the clock to handle any epidemic cases.

Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong, Deputy Director of the Department of Health of Tay Ninh, said, the 240-km borderline, adjacent to three Cambodian provinces, with 16 border gates (including three international border gates) and many open trails is a big challenge for Tay Ninh province to prevent the epidemic, especially isolating people entering and preventing illegal entry and exit. Facing with the increasingly complicated situation of illegal entry, the province directed competent forces (police, military and border guards) and localities to strengthen coordinated multi-layered patrol and control of the border line, especially opening trails; engaged the entire political system and all walks of life in the fight against illegal immigration.

“Epidemic prevention is one of top political tasks to keep the contagion at bay. In the coming time, the province will continue to develop professional measures and scale up effective epidemic prevention models,” he said.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum