Bim Son Town Prevails with Favorable Transport Infrastructure

9:19:51 AM | 24/8/2021

With a lot of large industrial zones and favorable transportation infrastructure, Bim Son has striven to become a third-class city of Thanh Hoa province in 2021-2025.

Development potential from good transport infrastructure

As the gateway of northern provinces with northern central and southern provinces, Bim Son affirms its strategic position with a diversified traffic structure for economic, political and social development.

Not only having a clear advantage from the passing National Highway 1A, Bim Son is also a transit point of the North-South Railway, which is convenient for freight transportation, logistics, trade and economic development.

In addition, the 53.5 km 6-lane Mai Son - National Highway 45 Expressway, which is under construction at a cost of approximately VND12,343 billion, will reduce travel time from Ninh Binh to Thanh Hoa province, attract more investment funds into the North and Northern Central Coast, address traffic congestion, and reduce accidents on National Highway 1A. This is an essential solution to meet passenger and freight transportation needs in the North and the Central Coast as well as from the North to the South, accelerate the formation and development of industrial zones and tourist attractions from Ninh Binh to Thanh Hoa. The expressway from Mai Son to National Highway 45 will run through key economic areas of Ninh Binh, Bim Son, Ha Trung and Nghi Son.

In addition, the Mai Son - Bim Son - Nghi Son - Nga Son - Hau Loc traffic route in the road - railway - deep-water seaport network will facilitate economic and industrial development, draw foreign and domestic investment flows for Thanh Hoa and Ninh Binh provinces in general and Bim Son in particular in the coming time.

Industrial infrastructure is ready for tech, auto and engineering giants

With strategic traffic advantages, Bim Son Town has long been an industrial hub of Thanh Hoa province, home to industrial zones for heavy industries, mining industry, precision engineering and automobile manufacturing industries. Notable industrial zones include 600-ha Bim Son Industrial Park, VAMC Industrial Park and Automobile Research and Manufacturing Complex, Long Son and Bim Son Cement Complexes, and HUD Bim Son Industrial Park, with a lot of manufacturing factories and parts manufacturing complexes for automobile manufacturing of giant carmakers like Hyundai, Honda and Toyota. Every year, leading industrial firms have paid a handsome amount of taxes to Thanh Hoa province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum