An urban area in the South of Ha Tinh

11:42:48 AM | 22/7/2005


Ky Anh is a district located in the south east of Ha Tinh province, where has Quyen River, Hoanh Son Range and Ngang Pass with many gigantic sceneries. The district borders Cam Xuyen district in the north, Huong Khe district and Minh Hoa district (Quang Binh province in the west, Quang Trach (Quang Binh) in the south and the East Sea in the east.


The total natural area of the district is 105,845 hectares. Of which, the agricultural land is 12,905 hectares (including 7,500 hectares of water rice), the forestry land is 20,392 hectares (13,355 hectares of natural forests and 7,034 hectares of planted forests). The area of water surface and sand capable of cultivating aquatic products is 1,500 hectares.


Ky Anh has a coastal line of 62 kilometres stretching over 8 communes. This has been the district advantage in developing aquatic cultivation and exploitation. The district has one river estuary and Vung Ang deep sea port, which has been put into operation. This is a potential for developing industrial parks and water transportation.


Another advantage of Ky Anh is communication favourableness with the national road No1A running through the district from the north to the south. The road No12B from Vung Ang sea port to Vietnam – Lao border is under construction. There are still many other inter-provincial, inter-district and inter-commune lines serving economic, cultural development as well as the consumption of local products.


In the recent years, under the leadership of the local authorities, domestic and international economic and social organisations, the economy of Ky Anh has seen gigantic developments. The economic growth rate is 11 percent per year, averagely. The income per capita in 2004 was VND4.1 million. The economic structure has been shifted in the positive direction. The agriculture ratio reduced from 51.27 percent to 44.6 percent. The ratio of industry went up from 12 percent to 16.4 percent. The ratio of trade and services also increased from 37.6 percent to 39 percent.


For obtaining these results, in the recent years, Ky Anh district has focused on the key aspects as follows:


- Speeding up the economic restructure:


With the attention to application of scientific and technological progress to the production, the district has concentrated on intensive cultivation of rice, ground nuts and various kinds of vegetables. Compared to 2000, in 2004, the total production of grain food increased from 51,470 tonnes to 59,000 tonnes, the production of ground nuts: from 4,575 tonnes to 6,000 tonnes and the output of long-term industrial crops: increased by 9.2 percent. The ratio of husbandry made up 23 percent in the agricultural structure.


- Concentrating on directing the development of cultivation aquatic products:


The district has carried out surveys and planning for expanding the brackish cultivated area. In 2004, the total brackish water cultivated area was 718 hectares. The total catching output was 4,100 tonnes. Some models raising breeding shrimps and raising shrimps on sand have been developed in Ky Nam and Ky Phuong communes.


- Industry, small industry and handicraft:


The Vung Ang Industrial Park and sea port is located in the focusing economic development of central region. Some industrial enterprises have been formulated and developed including Fruits Processing Enterprise, South Ha Tinh Aquatic Products Processing Enterprise, Wood Material Processing Enterprise – a Vietnam – Japan Joint Venture, Emenhit Ore Processing Factory, Cheng-Lins Wood Processing Factory and the construction materials (stones) exploitation. The construction materials exploitation enterprises develop fast meeting the basic demand of the market. The processing industry has been restored and developed. The handicrafts like mechanics, forging, carpentry and husking have been developed and expanded.


- Capital construction:


The district actively directs and mobilises the people to contribute their part to infrastructure development. In the last four years, the district mobilised local people to contribute more than VND30 billion for constructing 440 high storey school buildings. The offices of the commune People’s Committees and medical stations have met the infrastructure standards.


- Trade – services and tourism:


The network of trade, services and tourism in Ky Anh has stably operated with rather high growth rate. The total goods and services exchange in 2004 reached VND152 billion. Two sea tourism resorts of big development potentials of Ky Ninh and Hoanh Son Quang – the Ngang Pass have been developed. 


- The Education and Training sector:

The district continues to stabilise the scale and maintain the education quality at every educational level. The number of lower and higher secondary students has been increased. The education quality continues its improvement. The community education centres in communes have upheld their role. 38 schools in the district territory have net the national standards. In the recent years, the district has opened two in-service university courses for district and commune management officials.


- The district has focused its management on guiding people to create employment for eradicating hunger and poverty as well as developing civilised rural areas. In 2004, in the whole district, the rate of poor households reduced to 12.5 percent.


Along with strong rise of Ha Tinh province, Ky Anh district has made breakthroughs in the economic restructure, where industry, trade, services and tourism will be the key economic sectors. Hopefully, with the rational attention from agencies and branches and the most incentive policies, Ky Anh will be an ideal investment destination for domestic and foreign investors.

  •  Pham Khac Da
    Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ky Anh district