Vinh Phuc Strives to Have High Percentage of Trained Workers by 2025

11:37:09 AM | 11/11/2021

The Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee recently announced Plan 241/KH-UBND dated September 17, 2021 on vocational training in the 2021 - 2025 period, under which the province will strive to have 82% of workers trained, including 40% certified, by 2025.

In 2021, trained workers in Vinh Phuc province accounted for 77.2%, of which 34.8% were certified. The province expected respective rates of 78.4% and 36.1% in 2022; 79.6% and 37.4% in 2023; 80.8% and 38.7% in 2024; and 82% and 40% in 2025.

In 2025, the province will enroll and provide vocational training for 285,166 people; including 31,464 people with the college degree, 87,767 with the intermediate degree, 163,846 with the elementary level, and 2,089 with advanced training programs. On average, Vinh Phuc province will enroll and train over 57,000 people a year, including about 25,000 fresh recruits. By 2025, the province will have at least 42% of junior secondary graduates and at least 50% of high school graduates adopt vocational education and training.

To achieve these goals, tasks and solutions of Vinh Phuc province include: Centrally informing and raising awareness of Party members, public employees and people about the role and importance of human resource development in socio-economic development; reforming management methods, improving training capacity, effectiveness and operational efficiency of governmental agencies; further completing vocational training network planning; developing vocational training system in scale and quality, with a focus placed on high-quality training programs for key economic sectors and industries of the province; accelerating socialization and mobilization of private investment resources to rapidly increase the number of trained workers at all levels.

At the same time, the province will build vocational training cooperation programs to link vocational training entities with enterprises in worker training and employment; train, retrain or supplement the knowledge and improve skills for workers.

By Nguyet Tham, Vietnam Business Forum