Effective Administration of Natural Resources and Environment

10:23:55 AM | 4/4/2022

Bac Ninh provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment has gained a lot of important achievements; worked as a significant advisor to the Provincial People's Committee on effective implementation of many solutions regarding State administration of natural resources and environment and facilitated citizens and enterprises to carry out administrative procedures. Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Bac Ninh province, on this issue.

Could you please tell us about outstanding achievements in the State administration of natural resources and environment in Bac Ninh province in the past year?

In 2021, facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment performed well in the State administration of natural resources and environment in Bac Ninh province. We promptly issued regulatory documents for the enactment of Decree 148/2020/ND-CP of the Government dated December 18, 2020; summarized implementation results of Resolution 19-NQ/TW of the Party Central Committee on continued reform of land policies and laws; reviewed the enforcement of the Land Law and amendments to the Land Law; strengthened rectification of State land management; assessed three years of applying Directive 29-CT/TU dated September 25, 2018 of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee on strengthening Party leadership in land management.

Besides, we completed approving the land use plan in 2021-2030 and the land use plan in 2021 for eight districts and cities; devised the 5-year land use plan for Bac Ninh province in 2021-2025; handed over land and carried out land compensation and site clearance for some important projects to provide the land fund for domestic and foreign investors in industrial parks such as Yen Phong Industrial II Park - Phase C; VSIP Bac Ninh II Industrial, Commercial and Service Park; Nam Son - Hap Linh Industrial Park; Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park; Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park - Section B; Gia Binh II Industrial Park; Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park - Division B; and serviced residential land projects.

We coordinated with other relevant agencies to guide medical facilities, quarantine facilities and households to handle infectious waste of COVID-19. We focused on dealing with environmental pollution in some environmental hotspots in longstanding handicraft villages in Phong Khe Ward and Phu Lam Industrial Complex to significantly improve the Cau River’s environment.

We also carried out and scaled up sorting and treatment of municipal organic solid waste with indigenous microorganisms (IMO); and launched the project on collection, transportation and treatment of solid waste backlogged in Van Mon commune, Yen Phong district. Administrative procedures are handled at public administration centers of the province and districts, thus enhancing public and business satisfaction with administrative services and procedures. We made gradual progress in addressing violations of natural resources and the environment in the province.

How have you improved administrative procedures?

We’ve delivered online public services (Level 3 for one administrative procedure; Level 4 for two administrative procedures); and reviewed and provided one administrative procedure on the single-window portal at Provincial and District Public Administration Centers. We’ve publicized new administrative procedures and revised and supplemented regulations on land, water resources and the environment under our jurisdiction. We’ve maintained effective application of social networks and mobile platforms in receiving and responding to feedback, recommendations and measuring public satisfaction; used electronic documents and digital signatures; and implemented digital transformation, data integration and sharing to improve public service efficiency.

We’ve also completed rearranging and reorganizing affiliated units and employees. We’ve reduced one affiliated service office. The Environmental Protection Office no longer has any affiliated units. We’ve strictly received and handled complaints from individuals and organizations; raised the spirit and responsibility of public employees, especially agency leaders, in performing public administration reform (PAR) tasks. In 2021, as many as 81,921 records were received at the Provincial and District Public Administration Centers.

In general, the settlement of administrative procedures pertaining to natural resources and environment within the jurisdiction of the department is always on time and highly appreciated by people and businesses, helping increase investment inflows and create momentum for local socioeconomic development.

What solutions have you taken to improve the management of land, natural resources and environmental protection?

In 2022 and beyond, the management of natural resources and the environment will be increasingly important and complicated due to pressures from population growth, industrial development, handicraft production and urbanization in the province. The environment of handicraft villages, residential areas and industrial zones, exposed to high pollution risks and the complicated COVID-19 pandemic development, are difficult and challenging for economic development of the province and the sector. In order to perform its functions and tasks, in the coming time, we will focus on a number of key tasks and solutions as follows:

Closely following directives and work programs of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and Provincial People's Committee to well carry out tasks in 2022; strengthening communications to raise awareness of protection and use of natural resources and environment in the community, organizations and individuals through the mass media; implementing flexible prevention, control and adaptation measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seriously carrying out public administration reform, with a focus on settlement of administrative procedures; actively reviewing, promptly amending and supplementing administrative procedures or abolishing inappropriate ones; enhancing publicity and transparency of administrative procedures within its authority; receiving applications and delivering results at the Provincial and District Public Administration Centers and on relevant websites; stepping up the information technology application to administration; and integrating online payment services for financial obligations on land of households and individuals on the National Public Service Portal.

Actively coordinating with branches and localities to solve and remove difficulties and obstacles in enacting policies and laws on natural resources and environment in the province; intensifying inspection of regulatory compliance of policies and laws on natural resources and environment; resolutely handling and proposing strict violation handling; and strengthening the organization and apparatus of personnel to address limitations and weaknesses to minimize frustrations to people, organizations and businesses.

Last but not least, improving the effect of mobilizing investment resources to carry out programs and projects for State administration of natural resources and environment; carrying out programs, projects and schemes to ensure higher quality and quicker progress of natural resource management and environmental protection in the province.

Thank you very much!

Source: Vietnam Business Forum