O Mon District Utilizing Industrial and Urban Advantages

9:41:19 AM | 9/8/2022

In addition to improving the business investment environment, O Mon district has stepped up transport, industrial and urban infrastructure development to appeal to investors. The district prioritizes investments in industrial parks, trade centers, transportation services and warehouses.

Tapping potential advantages

O Mon district is favorably located with convenient road and waterway traffic networks, especially waterway on the Hau River. From O Mon, large ships can go up the Mekong River to Long Xuyen, Chau Doc, Tan Chau, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, or can go downstream to Dinh An Estuary to reach regional and international maritime transport routes. This is a great advantage for the district to woo investors to develop industry, trade, transportation and warehousing services.

Besides, the district has a large natural land area (13,193.4 ha), mainly new nutrient-rich alluvial soils, and a stable tropical climate, which is favorable for tropical agriculture with a variety of highly commercial products. The availability of land is also an advantage to build infrastructure systems and develop industry and commerce. The district also has an abundant labor force, a well-trained young labor force, which is an important resource in economic development, especially in industry and handicrafts.

By unlocking these potential strengths, the district economy has achieved many important results in the past years. The economic structure has shifted toward an expected pattern with the shrinking share of agriculture and fisheries and the growing share of industry, construction, trade and service. Production has been gradually shifted to a centralized mode of cooperation and association along value chains.

So far in 2022, local industrial production has recovered in most fields; trade and services have become more diverse and expanded. Social and cultural fields have improved for better material and spiritual life care of people.

Toward modern industrial center

O Mon district has mobilized all resources for infrastructure construction in the past years. Typical projects include Tra Noc 2 Industrial Park, O Mon Power Center, Bac O Mon Industrial Park and O Mon Industrial Park.

Resolution of the 12th District Party Congress (2020-2025 term) sets the following objectives: Building and developing O Mon district into a modern industrial hub with the focus of industry, trade, services and high-quality agriculture.

To accomplish this goal, O Mon will continue to invest in synchronous and sustainable infrastructure development and speed up key projects such as O Mon 1 New Urban Area, O Mon 2 New Urban Area, Chau Van Liem New Urban Area, O Mon Resettlement Area and Lo Vong Cung (arch-shaped) Road upgrade project. The district will also focus on exploiting the land fund on both sides of newly opened and planned roads; restoring and upgrading urban areas as planned and ensuring urban planning and engineering criteria.

The National Assembly issued Resolution 45/2022/QH15 on piloting specific mechanisms and policies for Can Tho City development, opening up new opportunities for O Mon district to accelerate its urbanization and development toward a modern, green and environmentally friendly industrial hub.

The district advocates developing a variety of production and business forms; strongly developing private economy, cooperative economy, service and tourism with greater diversity and higher quality. The district will promote investment attraction, and encourage technical equipment upgrading, especially in agricultural production, handicraft production and value chain upgrading.

Highlighting local support for investors and businesses, Mr. Le Viet Si, Chairman of O Mon People's Committee, said the district will facilitate investors to implement their projects such as publicizing accessible land funds, supporting businesses and investors to survey locations, and coordinating with relevant agencies to clear the business ground for investors.

Furthermore, O Mon district will accelerate administrative procedure reforms and review slow-moving projects. On the first Saturday of each month, the District People's Committee hosts a meeting with local businesses to learn about and address their hardships, enabling them to speed up their business operations.

The district will also strengthen investment promotion, accelerate planning and focus on training human resources.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum