Stronger Communications to Improve Administrative Reform Quality

2:29:33 PM | 16/5/2023

To jointly build a friendly investment climate and boost socioeconomic development, the Department of Industry and Trade of Dak Nong province launched a communication plan for public administration reform (PAR) in 2023 to further consolidate and raise the awareness and sense of responsibility of public employees in performing their administrative duties and tasks.

According to the administration reform propaganda plan in 2023, the Department of Industry and Trade of Dak Nong province will step up the participation and supervision of people, businesses, and social organizations in PAR implementation performed by governmental agencies and engage more people and businesses to use online public services when they perform their administrative procedures.

The department will inform its employees of key PAR contents in 2023: “Enhancing the effect of public services, innovatively carrying out PAR, improving the investment environment, and boosting socioeconomic development” and will publicize 20 targets of the PAR Plan in 2023.

The plan outlined contents and key tasks to be executed: Clarifying the role and responsibility of agency leaders in carrying out PAR tasks; boosting communications on PAR implementation and institutional reform tasks, administrative apparatus reform, public service reform, civil service reform and public finance reform; building and developing e-government and digital government: Documents, guidelines and policies of the Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Provincial People’s Committee on administrative reform, mechanisms and policies in the industry and trade sector.

The department will disseminate administration reform plans and documents and announce performance indicators in Dak Lak province, including the Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index), the Satisfaction Index of Public Administrative Services (SIPAS) and the District and Department Competitiveness Index (DDCI).

The department will praise outstanding examples in PAR implementation and address existing PAR issues and limitations; publish and publicize administrative procedures on its website to facilitate organizations and individuals to study and look up information about administrative procedures; regularly update administrative procedures; guide people and businesses to use online public administrative services and public postal services; receive and process complaints relating to administrative procedures from individuals and organizations; and publicize all legal documents within its jurisdiction on its website. Furthermore, the department has required its employees to get informed of their PAR goals, targets and tasks in 2023.

Efforts of relevant bodies in PAR implementation are expressed in the outcome and quality of administrative procedure settlement and service attitude to people. The department combines and integrates administrative reform communications with Party and State laws and policies as well as new directives and executive documents of central and provincial authorities and promptly responds to the demand of public employees and people for administrative reform information.

By Ngoc Tuan, Vietnam Business Forum