Making Remarkable Progress in Digital Transformation

2:37:00 PM | 16/5/2023

Dak Nong Information and Communications sector has been increasingly asserting its pivotal role in building digital government, digital economy and digital society. It has attracted the attention and participation of sectors and localities in the implementation of digital transformation tasks of the province in general and of each sector and locality in particular.

Mr. Ho Van Muoi, Chairman of Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee, takes a tour of the digital transformation booth during Digital Transformation Day, Dak Nong province, 2022

Resolution 09/NQ-TU dated November 1, 2021 of Dak Nong Provincial Party on Dak Nong digital transformation to 2025, with a vision to 2030, stipulates that people and businesses are taken as the center. The province identifies digital transformation as a vital trend, an important and urgent solution, and a basis for building and implementing socio-economic development programs and plans, which are implemented synchronously on 3 pillars: Digital government, digital economy and digital society.

With the advice of the information and communication sector, up to now, the awareness of the Communist Party of all levels, authorities, officials, party members, civil servants, public employees, businesses and people in the province about digital transformation has improved a lot. 100 state agencies have used electronic documents to replace paper documents. Regarding the digital economy, the proportion of the digital economy in GRDP has reached 6.64%, well above the target of 1.64% in 2020.

In terms of digital society, Dak Nong province piloted a 5G mobile network at four points in Gia Nghia city in November 2022. Community digital technology groups in communes, wards, townships, groups, hamlets and villages in the province have effectively promoted with the motto "go to every alley, knock on every door" to mobilize and bring people to the digital environment to directly enjoy the benefits of the community.

With a thorough orientation on digital transformation, the province aims to build an Open Data Portal of Dak Nong Province (Dak Nong Data) according to the list of shared databases of the province. Accordingly, the province will focus on building and perfecting provincial databases, prioritizing databases on population, agriculture, land, education, health, tourism, etc. 80% of Dak Nong population have installed and interacted with the government through the application for people and businesses (Dak Nong - C) and the electronic identification application (VneID) of the Ministry of Public Security. People and businesses can use public services according to their individualized needs, in a convenient way, online or in person. It does not require direct visits of people if not required by law. The province has built two district-level intelligent monitoring and operating centers.

Resolution 09/NQ-TU, dated November 1, 2021 of the Dak Nong Provincial Party Committee, sets the goal of "Digital transformation is the driving force that creates new opportunities and values sustainable socio-economic development in the new period, taking people, organizations and businesses as the center".

To accomplish these goals, the Provincial People's Committee has prioritized allocating separate funds to carry out the tasks of the provincial digital transformation. The province also assigned the Department of Information and Communications and the Department of Finance to review all application software and information systems in the province to propose digital transformation tasks in 2023 to ensure the set goals.

In the coming time, the Department of Information and Communications will advise the Provincial People's Committee to digitize management information of sectors and fields, to bring the activities of agencies, businesses and people to the digital environment. On that basis, the Provincial Open Data Portal (Dak Nong Data) will be established. The province will also prioritize the implementation of new technologies and smart devices in management, administration, traffic safety monitoring and urban order, toward providing online public services and on mobile applications.

In addition, the province will strengthen training and retraining on digital government, digital skills and digital technology for officials, public servants and public employees and the digital technology community group with more than 4,000 members. This will be the force that directly supports people in using digital devices and digital technology, putting products on e-commerce platforms, e-wallets, making non-cash payments, using online public services, etc. The province will also organize training courses on e-commerce applications for business households, small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Hopefully, with the above approach, Dak Nong province will raise the province's digital transformation index (DTI) by 3-5 levels, helping to realize the national digital transformation," said Mr. Tran Van Thuong, Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Dak Nong province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum