Tuy Duc: Border District with Great Potential

8:27:34 AM | 18/5/2023

After three years of executing the resolution of the 4th District Party Congress (2020-2025 term), with the resolve of the political system, businesses and people, Tuy Duc district has made much progress in social and economic development.

Local people are harvesting tomatoes

The district has basically achieved its annual targets. 13 out of 14 development indicators beat their given targets in 2021. In 2022, all 14 targets were met or outdone.

Infrastructure has been increasingly and synchronously upgraded to meet the socioeconomic development requirements. The living environment of the people has dramatically improved. Agriculture has kept growing and remained a major contributor to the economic structure. Poverty reduction has fallen as expected (to 3% universally or 5% in ethnic minority groups). Rural infrastructure, electricity, roads, schools and stations have been built to support cargo transportation and improve people's material and spiritual life.

Mr. Pham Ngoc An, Chairman of the District People's Committee, said: The main driving force for the district’s development is the right Party and State policies on socioeconomic development which have been consistently implemented to generate high effects. In addition, the care of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee, the support of provincial agencies and sectors in prioritizing and supporting infrastructure investment; and the focus on integrating many resources from national target programs and projects funded by 3EM, Flitch, the Word Bank and other sponsors have also helped the district.

At the same time, the district has actively reformed its administration, reviewed, simplified and eliminated administrative procedures and applied the single-window mechanism in all administrative fields. It has stepped up information technology applications together with administrative reforms.

Especially, the trust and companionship of local people have created public consensus and supported social and economic construction and development.

Effective economic restructuring

Currently, Tuy Duc district has endeavored to effectively implement the government-backed solutions to support companies and people to deal with their difficulties and obstacles, and reduce business costs, launched the 5-year medium-term public investment plan (2021-2025); and strictly implemented regulations, principles, criteria and order of priority on public investment.

The district has focused on solving problems; expeditiously and effectively prepared investment; and allocated and disbursed public investment funds. It has strictly implemented the Law on Tax Administration; fought against loss of budget revenue; combated transfer pricing, tax evasion, and commercial fraudulence; urged tax debt recovery, reduced tax in arrears, and strived to increase State budget revenue. Tuy Duc has effectively implemented the National Target Program on sustainable poverty reduction in the 2021-2025 period.

The district has successfully executed economic restructuring. In particular, Tuy Duc has focused on developing industry, trade, service, tourism, agriculture and countryside. The locality has carried out some agricultural development support policies; prioritized resources to support production and consumption; and reviewed and selected key crops to build value chains, sharpen competitiveness in the market, and develop agricultural processing industries. Simultaneously, Tuy Duc has consistently executed solutions to carry out infrastructure development, education and training, land and resource management, security and defense projects.

In particular, Tuy Duc district has thoroughly grasped the sense of responsibility and ethics of public employees in handling administrative procedures in order to create the most favorable conditions for people and businesses; encouraged private sector development; promptly reviewed and proposed abolishing and supplementing regulations on business conditions and administrative procedures that are no longer appropriate or are contrary to current laws.

“Being willing and ready to roll out the red carpet to welcome investors, Tuy Duc hopes that local and external businesses will study and capture investment opportunities. The district is committed to accompanying and providing maximum support to investors,” Mr. An stated.

Five remarkable projects seeking investment capital in Tuy Duc district
- Agricultural processing factory: Built on 5 ha in Dak Ngo commune. The total investment fund is estimated at VND100 billion, including VND5 billion for land compensation. It is expected to hire 500 local workers.
- High-tech Agricultural Park in Dak Glun: Built on 21 ha in Hamlet 5, Quang Tam commune. The total investment fund is estimated at VND36 billion, the land compensation fund is VND18.5 billion. It is expected to employ 100 workers.
- Municipal solid waste treatment plant: Built on 20 ha in Village 5, Quang Tam commune. The total investment fund is forecast at VND100 billion. It is expected to hire 40 local laborers.
- Industrial complex: Built on 34.9ha in Quang Tam commune. The total investment fund is VND100 billion and it will provide jobs for 2,000 workers.
- Material area for cow breeding: The project is estimated to cost VND150 billion and employ about 1,000 local workers. The area is located 750 ha in Village 3, Dak Ngo and Quang Tan communes.

By Duy Hanh (Vietnam Business Forum)