Market Surveillance Department Making Business Environment Healthier

10:13:29 AM | 17/5/2023

Following and implementing the instructions of the central and local authorities firmly and effectively, over the years, the Market Surveillance Department of Dak Nong province has successfully completed its tasks and protected the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and the interests of consumers. Thereby, it has contributed to the local socio-economic development, creating a healthy business investment environment.

The Market Surveillance Department steps up the inspection and supervision of petroleum trading activities

The Department promptly directed and urged the market surveillance force to inspect and control the market, handled acts of trading smuggled goods, manufacturing and trading counterfeit, banned and illegal goods; acts of infringing upon intellectual property rights, violations of the law on measurement quality, price and food safety; violations of the law on consumer protection and commercial fraud in accordance with the provisions of the law.

With those efforts, according to Mr. Nguyen Van Trai, Deputy Director of the Market Surveillance Department of Dak Nong province, the situation of smuggling, commercial fraud, counterfeit goods, imitation goods and goods of unknown origin in the province has decreased significantly.

“The market surveillance force has closely coordinated with functional sectors in the province to supervise, inspect and control the market, promptly prevent violations, create a healthy business and production environment, strengthen and protect the legitimate rights and interests of genuine businesses and the interests of consumers," shared Mr. Nguyen Van Trai.

However, Mr. Nguyen Van Trai said that the situation of smuggling, counterfeit goods, imitation goods and poor-quality goods was still complicated. In order to perform well the role and task of market management in the context of the current deeply integrated economy and the current complicated situation of smuggling, counterfeit goods, imitation goods, and poor-quality goods, the Department needs more effort.

Accordingly, in terms of area management, the Department assigns tasks to affiliated market surveillance units and assigns market surveillance officers to take charge of the area to each commune and ward to closely grasp production and business activities. The Department has also published the hotline phone number of the unit in order to help people report information about violations in the field of market management. The Department also signed a regulation on coordination with functional forces such as Customs, border guards and police to share information and coordinate in the management of the area when incidents occur. In particular, the Department has prevented the smuggling of counterfeit goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods, goods of unknown origin brought across the border into the inland for consumption.

With the determination to successfully complete the assigned tasks, the Market Surveillance Department of Dak Nong province has strengthened the inspection of internal processes, and tightened discipline to improve the quality of public service activities of the market management force. The Department has also applied information technology, paying attention to professional training and retraining, building an increasingly regular and modern contingent of civil servants, meeting tasks in the new situation, actively contributing to Dak Nong province to build a healthier business environment.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum