Justice Sector: Reinforcing Institutional Reform, Improving Investment Climate

2:42:33 PM | 16/5/2023

With the close and timely leadership and direction of the Ministry of Justice, the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People's Committee, the justice sector of Dak Nong province has accomplished many tasks and solutions to make practical and important contributions to socioeconomic development. Judicial work has increasingly affirmed its role and received high appreciation from central and local leaders.

Minister of Justice Le Thanh Long at a working session with the Department of Justice of Dak Nong province

Upholding the sense of innovation

Over the past time, the Department of Justice has been very drastic, flexible and innovative in judicial direction and administration. Lawmaking has shifted from construction to perfection coupled with enforcement. Legal documents are examined regularly in many fields. Besides, the department reviewed and simplified administrative procedures, provided legal support for enterprises in many forms, and assured them of production, business and investment in the province.

Simultaneously, the justice sector also effectively advised and consulted solutions to emerging difficulties and solved questions in State administration. Law advocacy and dissemination were increasingly diversified and enriched to target specific groups, with complete, timely, and suitable content for each object and location. Attention was paid to legal documents practically related to people's life and work. Judicial assistance continued to be improved and socialization was promoted, especially in the notarization and asset auctions. State management of civil status and authentication was more effective and inspection was more innovative and intensive. Information technology application to management, direction, administration and settlement of professional work was gradually modernized. Digital transformation received significant investment.

In the past 20 years, its employees have continuously improved their qualifications and expertise. The Department of Justice has been praised by the Provincial People's Committee for its successful tasks. For seven consecutive years (from 2015 to 2022), the department was hailed for its excellent task performance, with many collectives and individuals rewarded and honored with noble titles by competent authorities.

In recent years, Dak Nong has made long strides in administrative reform and business climate. Its Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) climbed 10 places in 2020, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) leaped eight places in 2021 and, impressively, 14 places in 2022 to rank 38th out of 63 provinces and cities. This achievement was partly contributed by the great effort of the judiciary sector. For many years, the Department of Justice has been a strong performer in the departmental PAR Index.

Strengthening legal support for businesses

Legal support for businesses is always concerned by the justice sector of Dak Nong province. The Department of Justice has coordinated with relevant bodies to advise the Provincial People's Committee to submit legal support policies for businesses to the Provincial People's Council for ratification and consulted the Provincial People's Committee to launch an action plan to provide legal support for local small and medium-sized enterprises.

To help enhance competitiveness for local enterprises, the Department of Justice held professional training courses on legal documentation and legal support for enterprises; made reports, topics, columns and documents to improve legal knowledge in a bid to minimize legal risks and create a solid premise for enterprises to work well in the market economy.

In addition, the department regularly updates information and documents for enterprises on its website; develops and publishes judicial bulletins on the Provincial Radio and Television Station to widely disseminate new laws to agencies, people and businesses; cooperates with the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) to conferences to spread business laws; and actively consults and answers legal matters within its jurisdiction under the Provincial Legal Support Program.

By Quoc Hung, Vietnam Business Forum