Chuong My District Upholds Craft Village Tradition with OCOP Program

9:28:35 AM | 27/7/2023

Chuong My district is home to 36 craft villages, with some very developed traditional trades like bamboo and rattan production, carpentry and embroidery. The district has introduced many policies to support economic development, including the OCOP Program that has presented certificates to many products of Phu Vinh village which is already very popular in both domestic and foreign markets.

Phu Vinh is a craft village in Hanoi, famous for its traditional bamboo and rattan knitting. It was founded nearly 400 years ago and was originally called Phu Hoa Trang, meaning it was endowed with skillful hands because local people were extremely dexterous in knitting bamboo and rattan.

Excellent artisan Nguyen Van Trung, Chairman of Phu Vinh Bamboo and Rattan Business Association, said: the oldest set of products made by the village was dated to 1712 and is now kept at Hue Arts Museum. Bamboo and rattan products are made from environmentally friendly natural materials, which are not only good for the health of users but also good for workers. Moreover, many products are also highly durable. Its product category ranges from interior decorations to handbags, lunch boxes, storage shelves and lanterns. Phu Vinh products have been exported to foreign nations.

To take part in the OCOP Program, in addition to upholding the tradition, they also redesign packaging and models and register QR codes. Their biggest wish is to further preserve and promote the traditional products of Phu Vinh village in order to make the traditional bamboo and rattan knitting more well-known in the market, he said.

By Ngoc Minh, Vietnam Business Forum