AgroViet International Agricultural Expo 2022

9:33:30 AM | 16/9/2022

The 22nd International Agricultural Exhibition - AgroViet 2022, hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, will take place from September 15 to 18, 2022 at the Economic and Trade Fair (No. 489, Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi). This is the largest fair and exhibition held annually and an important trade promotion event of the agriculture and rural development sector.

Following the successful results of the previous year's fairs, AgroViet 2022 has a scale of nearly 200 booths of businesses and cooperatives in 36 provinces and cities nationwide and 29 international businesses from Australia. , Russia, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand.

This year's fair has a variety of agro-forestry-fishery products, consumer goods, food, food and beverages, with many specialty agricultural products ensuring a clear origin and protected only. geographical indications, meeting product standards under the “One Commune One Product-OCOP Program” from 3 stars or more, organic products, key export products such as: ST25 rice, rice, shrimp, ST24 organic, Japonica, Red ST, Charcoal purple rice, Ong Tho rice, Nang Sen rice, En Xuan rice, Seng rice from Lao Cai; coffee, tea, spices of all kinds; canned and frozen vegetarian foods; asparagus products; fresh vegetables and fruits such as Chi Lang na, Bao Lam seedless persimmons, Bac Son yellow mandarin oranges, arugula, beef cattle...; vegetable powders used to completely replace fresh vegetables with advanced cold-drying technology; Mint honey, rock honey, Muong Khuong chili sauce, Lang Chou spring rolls, Moc Bac cow's milk, Ba Vi fresh milk, Nha Trang bird's nest, Hau Giang fish cake, Hue sour shrimp, squid cake, shrimp paste, shrimp paste, agarwood, Vietnamese ginseng, cordyceps, herbal tea and many special agricultural products and foods.

The fair also displays and introduces many varieties of plants, flowers, ornamental plants, hydroponics; materials and machinery for agricultural production: seeds, plows, sowing machines, transplanters, insecticide sprayers, fertilizer machines, combine harvesters, multi-purpose tillers, lawn generators, HI-CONTROL controlled slow release NPK fertilizer, agricultural mulch, water filtration system in aquaculture....; veterinary drugs, aquatic veterinary medicine, biological products, vaccines, antiseptics in veterinary medicine and health; Many handicraft products, traditional craft villages of provinces and cities across the country are also introduced and honored at this fair.

In addition, AgroViet 2022 this time has a variety of events organized: Forum to connect agricultural product consumption in the market of the Netherlands and Nordic countries; Forum "Consulting, providing information for startups in agriculture"; Conference on propaganda to support the development of trade in mountainous and island areas in 2022...

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