The Positive Impact of The OCOP Program on Rural Economic Development

4:59:01 PM | 9/9/2022

The One Commune One Product Program (OCOP Program) in new rural construction in the 2021-2025 period aims to give priority to the development of cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises, striving for at least 40% of the stakeholders. OCOP is a cooperative and 30% of the subjects are enterprises.

National online conference to implement the program "One commune, one product - OCOP" and rural tourism development program in new rural construction in the 2021-2025 period

According to the OCOP Program in building new rural areas in the 2021-2025 period, which has just been approved by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, OCOP is a key program for economic development in rural areas towards promoting internal resources and increasing economic growth. value.

By 2025, the program strives for at least 10,000 OCOP products to be recognized with 3 stars or more, of which at least about 400-500 OCOP products achieve 5 stars.

Consolidate and upgrade at least 50% of OCOP products that have been evaluated and graded; prioritize the development of OCOP products associated with product brands, and develop rural tourism services.

Ceramic products with 5-star OCOP quality

“At least 30% of OCOP actors have built a value chain in the direction of a circular economy, green OCOP associated with a stable raw material area. At least 50% of traditional craft villages have OCOP products, contributing to the preservation and development of local traditional craft villages. Prioritize the development of cooperatives, small and medium-sized enterprises, striving for at least 40% of OCOP subjects are cooperatives and 30% of subjects are enterprises", the program emphasized.

The program also sets a target that the percentage of trained workers with appropriate degrees and certificates working at OCOP subjects will reach at least 20%; strive to have at least 40% of OCOP subjects running production and business activities.

At least 50% of OCOP subjects participate in modern sales channels (supermarkets, convenience stores, e-commerce trading floors); strive for each province and city to have 1 point of introduction and sale of OCOP products.

OCOP products on display at the fair

An international cooperation forum for each village, one product, is held at least once a year in order to enhance and affirm the OCOP Vietnam brand in the domestic and international markets.

In order to effectively implement the OCOP product development program with the brand, following the value chain based on the strengths and advantages of local materials, culture, and indigenous knowledge, the solution is to promote the proactive, creative, cooperative spirit of the subjects and the community.

Develop forms of production organization, prioritize consolidating, consolidating, and developing effective agricultural cooperatives, and developing small and medium-sized enterprises associated with the development of services and industries in agriculture. village. At the same time, promote the role of the political system, branches, and levels, especially the role of the commune level in implementing the OCOP Program.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum