Tri Ton District: Significant Room for Investment Attraction and Sustainable Advancement

2:33:48 PM | 8/9/2023

Tri Ton district has recently achieved optimistic socioeconomic development, especially in early 2023, despite facing numerous challenges and difficulties. The district has made significant strides in developing its trade and service sectors, effectively applying social security measures, and ensuring social order and safety, national defense, and security.

Soai Chek Lake - a beautiful lake located in Tri Ton district, An Giang province - is a popular tourist destination and is renowned for its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere

Prominent changes

To further boost economic growth and carry out key tasks in 2023, Tri Ton People's Committee has firmly implemented socioeconomic management solutions and improved people’s livelihoods.

The prolonged COVID-19 epidemic has seriously affected social and economic activities and people's livelihoods in the district. In early 2023, the epidemic was well controlled, and social and economic performance gradually recovered and advanced with many prospects. Recovery policies were effectively applied, and the economy developed comprehensively in all aspects to bring better life to the people.

Agriculturally, the district sowed winter-spring and summer-autumn crops on 87,267 ha of land, 0.26% higher than the plan (with the rice farming area accounting for 97.36%). The winter-spring rice yield was 77.28 tons per hectare and the output was 302,792 tons. Besides, as of June 12, 2023, the fruit area was 990.39 ha, with the most common trees being mango, banana, longan, grapefruit and durian.

In the first six months of 2023, the district restructured crop cultivation on 420.5 ha, reaching 18.69% of the plan (shifted to grow 296.9 ha of vegetables, 116.1 ha of crops and 7.5 ha of fruit trees).

In animal husbandry, the district currently has three livestock farms: Pig farm of Thaco Group (Luong An Tra and Luong Phi communes), cow farm of MPA Co., Ltd (Vinh Gia commune) and duck farm (Lac Quoi and Luong Phi communes). Additionally, Tri Ton is home to many processing facilities like a coleus amboinicus leaf essence oil processing plant with a 10-ha material area (Luong Phi commune), a 57-ha maize production and processing chain (Vinh Phuoc commune) and a banana production, processing and packaging chain (Luong An Tra and Tan Tuyen communes).

The district currently has a 4-star OCOP product (jaggery palm sugar made by Palmania JSC). In 2023, the district continued to coordinate with the An Giang Coordination Office for New Rural Development to evaluate and recognize 4-star district-level OCOP class for jaggery paste, granule and powder made by Palmania JSC; and 3-star OCOP class for Ido longan produced by Ido Tan Tuyen Longan Production Cooperative; and rice wine brewed by Cong Chuan Rice Winery in Lac Quoi commune.

In the district, five out of 12 communes were certified to meet new rural development standards, or 41.67% of the total. Ta Danh commune was recognized to fulfill advanced new rural development standards. In the first six months of 2023, the district reviewed, checked and updated the progress of new rural development in communes to achieve uncompleted targets. Tri Ton expected to have Lac Quoi commune certified to meet new rural development standards and Luong An Tra commune recognized to reach advanced new rural development standards.

Total state budget revenue reached VND751.4 billion in the first six months of 2023, fulfilling 108.47% of the target. The net budget revenue was VND100.13 billion, equal to 99.04% of the target, of which VND50.98 billion came from corporate tax, VND17.97 billion from fees and charges, and the rest from registration tax and other budget revenues.

In tourism, Tri Ton has many historical relics, cultural relics, unique traditional festivals and charming natural landscapes associated with key tourist areas, enabling robust tourism development. In the first six months of 2023, the district welcomed more than 592,000 visitors thanks to the coordinated organization of motorized paragliding performances combined with Bay Nui Bulls Racing and traditional public holidays. Tourist accommodation facilities and tourist attractions gradually restore operations and improve service quality. The district has 10 motels and two hotels with 213 rooms, 80 restaurants and many traditional craft villages to ensure good service for visitors. Notable destinations in Tri Ton district include Tuc Dup Hill, Soai So Lake, Ta Pa Lake, Soai Chek Lake, O Ta Soc Lake and Ba Chuc Tomb House.

Much room for development

Tri Ton district has advantageous geographical location and large agricultural land in addition to other favorable conditions for investing and developing specialized areas for growing high-quality rice, vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal herbs and rearing high-tech livestock farming. Lying adjacent to Cambodia, the district can develop the border economy, trade - services, eco-tourism, spiritual tourism combined with traditional culture of ethnic groups. This is an important foundation for Tri Ton to develop quickly and sustainably and fulfill its goals in the coming time.

Currently, Tri Ton is giving priority to calling for investment capital for five key projects to 2025 as approved by the Provincial People's Committee upon the proposal of the Department of Planning and Investment, including Co To Industrial Complex (area: 30ha, capital fund: VND200 billion), Luong An Tra 2 Industrial Complex (area: 55ha, investment fund: VND200 billion), Luong An Tra 3 Industrial Complex (area: 30ha, investment fund: VND120 billion), Soai So Nui To Tourist Area (area: 49ha, investment fund: VND500 billion) and a solid waste treatment plant (daily capacity of: 500 metric tons, investment fund: VND1,500 billion).

The district is also calling investment capital for investment projects such as beef cattle breeding project (expected to be implemented in Luong An Tra commune) with an estimated area of 60ha and an estimated investment fund of VND2,503 billion; the organic rice and fruit growing project (expected to be launched in Nui To commune) with an estimated area of 430ha and an estimated investment fund of VND1,200 billion; the solar energy and livestock project (expected to be built in Luong An Tra commune) with an estimated area of 519 ha and an estimated investment fund of VND3,000 billion.

In addition, the district has some small-scale tourism projects like the eco-tourism site combined with orchards and camping experiences on O Ta Soc Hill in Luong Phi commune, the port area combined with ecological and spiritual tourism on Sa Lon Hill (Chau Lang - Luong Phi), and the eco-tourism area in Le Tri commune.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum