Thien An Phat Textile Garment Investment JSC: Upholding Brand Integrity, Sustaining Development

10:27:09 AM | 16/2/2024

After 15 years of development, Thien An Phat Textile Garment Investment Joint Stock Company has affirmed its solid position in the market as one of the leading textile and garment companies in Vietnam.

Thien An Phat Textile Garment Investment Joint Stock Company, established in 2008, manufactures, trades and exports garments made from knitted and woven fabrics. The company is a complete supplier, from raw materials to finished products: Yarn - textile dyeing - sewing - embroidery - washing - packaging to best meet customer expectations. Currently, Thien An Phat is employing more than 2,300 workers, making important contributions to the development of Thua Thien Hue province, and creating changes in economic restructuring, from agricultural labor to industrial labor. The company earns an average annual revenue of VND900 billion or more and pays more than VND10 billion to the State budget.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, said: To maintain its reputation as a leading textile and garment firm in Vietnam, Thien An Phat Textile Garment Investment Joint Stock Company always focuses on corporate governance, improves management capacity, applies advanced management tools in operations and administration. In addition to environmental, social and governance activities towards sustainable development, the company particularly promotes investment in research and business development, creates suitable models, chooses materials, improves equipment and processes to meet quality standards as well as increasing demands of customers.

Specially, determining that "technology is a key factor for development", the company has continuously applied scientific and technological advances to production. With a closed supply chain from yarn - textile - dyeing - sewing, Thien An Phat always has flexible development strategies and keeps up with new conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The company invested in automating production processes, equipping modern machinery and lines and applying technology to management and operations. High-tech application and production automation have helped reduce risks and errors, improve product quality and enable customers to retrieve data.

In addition, with today's achievements, Thien An Phat always respects and considers human resources as a "golden" factor. Thus, clearly realizing that people are valuable capital, the core of business success and sustainable development, the company focuses on facilitating each person to bring their capabilities to full. The company always pays attention to improving the material and spiritual life of all employees. Each employee is encouraged, motivated and facilitated to study and improve their qualifications, expertise, and skills. Up to now, the firm has built a united working environment and close connection for all under the common roof of Thien An Phat.

Furthermore, with the right and clear strategy plus the mission of bringing benefits to customers with high quality products and services and profits to investors and creating a friendly and trustworthy working environment, good remuneration policies and promotion opportunities for all employees, the company has built a comprehensive, scientific management system to prevent risks, control and minimize losses according to ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards; and developed human resources in both quantity and quality with a team of managers, technicians and skilled workers.

Continuing its 15-year proud achievements, in the coming time, Thien An Phat Textile Garment Investment Joint Stock Company will boost its reputable product brand in the market; pursue the mission of enhancing the position of Vietnamese businesses and brands in the international market with sustainable strategies and effective risk management; take professionalism and customer satisfaction as guiding principles for all actions; and provide environmentally friendly quality products.

By Duy Binh, Vietnam Business Forum